How To Cook Brussel Sprouts DH Style

Let’s face facts: we’re made to eat meat. That might explain why I never developed a taste for vegetables. Either that, or because when I was going growing up, my only experiences with veggies were canned green beans, canned creamed-corn and canned peas. If someone would have quizzed me on where vegetables came from, I probably would have said, “a can”.

I only recently dove into the world of fresh vegetables and now enjoy things like okra and asparagus, broccoli and artichokes, even radicchio and radishes. Brussel sprouts never piqued my interest, however, until I had some at a local restaurant that cooked them simply, freshly and with only butter and lemon juice.

Of course, I went into the kitchen the next day with a bag of brussel sprouts, fired up the pan, cut them up and threw them in. And it took f*ing forever for those things to finish cooking. They were burnt, kind of raw in the center and, well, nasty. I’ve since made some improvements, cut the prep time down to about 6 minutes and and elevated the taste to bad-ass, which complements a bad-ass slab of meat.

What you need:

  • About a pound of brussel sprouts (or half a kilo)
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 or 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 or more tbsp of lemon juice
  • Salt if you feel like it

Step 1: Rinse the sprouts

Who knows what farmers spray these things with these days. Hell, if they’re organic, you might be lucky enough to have a farmer that uses a mixture of pig shit and urine. So rinse these things off. If you’re smart and get ones from responsible farmers that use minimal amounts of artificial pesticides, then the residue will wash away. The bacteria from the pig shit won’t.

Step 2: Place into a Ziplock bag

I always use freezer bags for this step, just to make sure the bag doesn’t melt during the microwaving.



Step 3: Poke holes in the Ziplock bag

Just grab a fork and stab away. Be careful not to stab through a brussel sprout, as you may end up with some plastic in one. And you only need to poke one set of holes. Like a hot dog in the microwave, if you don’t poke holes in it, it might explode (although a hot dog exploding in the microwave is a worse mess).


Step 4: Microwave

Put the bag of brussel sprouts in the microwave (you can just throw them in without a plate) and heat on high for 3 minutes. Hit start–they’re not going to microwave themselves.



Step 5: A touch of nutrition: butter

While the microwave works its magic, put a frying pan on the stove on med-high heat and throw in a tablespoon of butter.



Step 6: Turbo charger

Of course, we want our brussel sprouts to provide more than green color on the plate, not to mention all those stupid minerals and vitamins everyone keeps going on about, so add some coconut oil.



Step 7: Remove the sprouts

Take the sprouts out of the microware. Make sure to wait until they’re actually done microwaving. They should come out of the bag a bright-green color. If they’re not, I’d throw them back in for another 20 minutes–just kidding: only put them back in for another minute unless you want brussel sprout baby food.


Step 8: Slice don’t dice

Cut the brussel sprouts in half. They cook way faster, plus it’s easier to tell when they’re done.




Step 9: Cook

Okay, you’ve got a pan with sizzling butter and a cutting board full of halved brussel sprouts. Even the CrossFit overlords can figure out what to do next, even though they can’t put together an intelligent training template.



Step 10: Lemony goodness

This is the time to squirt in some lemon juice. I like mine a bit tart, so I’m liberal with the juice. If you want to get creative, pretend like you’re writing your name in the snow.



Step 11: Mix it

Using a spatula, make sure you mix it up and get all the brussel sprouts coated with the oil, butter and lemon mixture. Cover them up and sit.




Step 12: More coconut oil!

So, they look a little dry? Throw in another dollop of coconut oil. Hell, even if they don’t, add some anyway.




Step 13: Check

Pop the hood and check the color. Still bright green? Wait.




Step 14: Check again for a brown and golden color

Once they get a nice brown crisp to them and a golden color, they’re ready to go.




Step 15: Eat

It’s go time!





 Both of these recipes go perfectly with any low-carb diet or work for any low-carb meals, particularly The Carb Nite Solution and Carb Back-Loading.

  • pbo

    Plastic bag in the microwave? How about glass container?

    • DHKiefer

      The plastic bag works and is reusable, but if you want to use a class container with a tightly sealing lid, you can.

      • pbo

        Sounds good. Love simple easy recipes! One of my goto’s for the ulc part of the day is cauliflower rice. Make a batch every sunday, lasts the whole week. You can have large portions because the calorie/carb content is so damn low.

  • Griffo

    Have to agree with an earlier post – loving the increased content being put on the site. Getting vegies into the kids with variety ensures healthy eating habits for all the family and avoids me needing to cook separate meals. Any further tips like this would be well received. Cheers.

  • ryansaplan

    love the pictures. i could make this dish without reading You made the post for lazy readers. thanks!

  • thaddeus

    hey kiefer, I’m interested in doing (online) personal training with you. How do I go about it?:)

  • Mason Zuleger

    Does this actually make b. sprouts taste good? I tend to dislike these little bastards.

    • DHKiefer

      Believe it or not this actually makes brussel sprouts taste damn good.

    • Greg Webb

      B-sprouts are good when they’re hot, but the moment they cool off they taste like leafy fart…

  • pbo

    Aren’t there a fair amount of usable carbs in these guys? I mean eating about 10 of them, has about 10 net carbs, which is more than you would expect. That’s a third of your ulc allotment right? Just something to think about if you are including other veggies in your meal as well.

  • Zach Rounsaville

    I don’t count the veggie macros in my own nutrition but, for reference, a cup of sprouts only has around 4 net carbs.

  • Arrrr1

    I add fried bacon bits to this dish and its even tastier IMO

  • jheald1

    The microwave is a great idea! I usually steam them before roasting/sauteing, but this is the same effect in a tiny fraction of the time.

  • Marc Theiler

    Very well done, Kiefer. Do this over and over – very easy, very visual.

  • Ray

    Kiefer there is a better way. Turn the oven on 375, drizzle the sprouts with any oil or butter you like, put tons of pepper and salt to taste and roast until crispy. Fucking great

    • Tutzzz

      That’s the way to go

  • Rich

    Nice! Is lemon juice ok during the ULC phase? I always enjoyed a twist of lemon in my a.m green T but since backloading (for several months now) I haven’t had it. BTW what other veggies are edible during ULC? I generally stick to green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage but what about peppers, onions, mushrooms or beet root? I assume sweet corn is out of the question? A small list would be great thanks.
    I love backloading BTW!

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  • Fred Goss

    Loved it! Thanks