Gender Wars: 3 Bicep Workouts for Huge Guns

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Looking for bigger biceps with that awesome peak in the middle? Here, we’re giving you three incredibly effective bicep workouts that’ll have you filling out your sleeves fast!

  • picklefactory

    What the hell is this, Men’s Fitness? Did I literally just come here to see someone doing barbell curls in the squat rack?

    • reisbaron

      It’s hard to deny the large percentage of body builders on this site. Have some respect. I have no use for these exercises either, but I’m not about to denigrate someone for wanting to do them, or demonstrate them.

  • samorost

    Oh c´mon is biceps really that important? I hate training arms.:/

    • NEV1977

      I have found that strength training legs and the following day training biceps as an assistance movement has provided the best results for me

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  • The Highlander

    Barbell curls work well with the longbar — that is the issue. Gyms need to buy more longbars for curls. Homeboy is not relaxing the wrist at the top of the movement, by the way.

    • Chris Bernier

      he may not have as flexible wrists besides the point is just to keep the weight from reaching a neutral point on your muscles as long as it stays far enough back to keep weight pulling and tensing the bicep the movement is still effective