Q&A With Kiefer

Your Questions, Answered:

I’m using the Carb Back-Loading Strength Accumulation protocol. How low of a body fat percentage can I expect to hit before my strength is impaired, i.e., is there a “tipping point” where I’ll have to choose between losing fat and gaining strength?

It’s hard to say where that actual tipping point is for everybody. It’s going to vary quite a bit from person to person. It’s also going to depend on where you are in your training history. If you’ve been training for a long time, and you’re at the peak of your strength, you’re probably going to feel a decrease by the 10 percent mark and below.

Somebody else who hasn’t hit their strength potential may not see a decrease—or even a slowdown of the increase—until they’re well into the single digits. It really depends, but if I had to give a general tipping point where a mature lifter—someone who’s been lifting consistently for two years or more—loses strength, it’s going to be around 8-9 percent and below.

The way I understand things, The Carb Nite Solution and Carb Back-Loading work on completely different biomechanical systems. If you’re using CNS with carb nites every four days or so, or using CBL and back-loading every three or four days, are these still working on different biomechanical systems?

What I think you’re proposing here is the idea of using the components of both together, so you’re essentially using the GLUT4 trick of training on your carb nites to optimize the effects of that carb nite. In this regard, they’re still working on different biomechanical systems. You’re just using one to enhance the other.

I’ve been using Carb Back-Loading, and I’m down to about 10 percent body fat now. Do I need to switch to The Carb Nite Solution to get below that?

As always, the answer depends. Some people can take CBL all the way down to the 6 percent mark—and sometimes lower, if they do it right. Other people really need to switch to CNS to get under that 10 percent mark and lower, so it’s a matter of experimentation. With CBL at that point, the carb loads will get smaller and more specific as you drop down in body fat percentage—or they’ll also be spaced out differently.

Has there been any evidence that supports blood lipid profiles increasing after long-term use of Carb Back-Loading? My BLP is amazing right now, but I’m wondering if ice cream, muffins, and pizza are going to have a long-term negative impact.

Some adventurous doctors have been using these protocols with patients, but unfortunately, we don’t have any long-term data on their use yet. All signs, however, indicate that these insulin spikes are beneficial, and that there’s no downside to having them as recommended. We can never know with absolute certainty, however, and we need long-term studies on these kinds of diets. I’m hoping the scientific community takes an interest in this stuff soon so we can get more of that kind of information.

You said on one of your video clips that The Carb Nite Solution program suppresses thyroid function. Can this be detrimental to body fat loss?

Sorry, but you obviously didn’t listen, and you obviously didn’t read the book. I’ve never once said that CNS suppresses thyroid function. In fact, it actually enhances it. It’s only very long-term ultra-low carb diets that can affect thyroid function and suppress it. That’s not CNS. That’s the reason why you have carbs one night per week, every week.  

  • Cns

    The one q that never gets an answer: Can we please get a tentative date for the new carb nite?

    • http://om1kron.blogspot.com/ om1kron

      he said when it’s done on the last q/a

      • Kief the beef

        That’s not an answer om. I want a date! Please?

  • Martyb

    I’d like to know if a carb load post work out, while on CNS has a positive or negative effect?..
    Or should we keep it to only one night a week regardless

    • Jeff Williams

      What you are talking about is Carb Back Loading if you are carb loading after every training session. If you are on the CNS protocol then it is once every 4 days or so. If you have read the two books this question would have been answered very quickly or not needed to be asked.

      • Danj

        He didn’t say ‘after every training session.’ I believe he was asking what the effect of throwing an occasional night of CBL into the CNS plan would be.

        • reisbaron

          If by “occasional night of CBL” you mean eating carbs occasionally, this is consistent with the CNS protocol, not CBL. It’s actually the fundamental difference between the two.

    • aDk

      Depending on how much you workout, I would do it on your bigger workouts. however, you want to atleast get a 4 day window between. So, for example I do Sun/Wed for my CNS. I also split what I normally do on a standard 1 night a week. So, about half Sun, and other half Wed. Then I get my 4 day split of no carbs, to fully utilize that CNS protocol, while taking some benefit of CBL.

      Hope this helps. :)

  • Craig Jones

    i love these q&a’s although some questions never needed asking. Buy the books, you’ll be a whole lot more knowledgeable for it!

  • Dave Webber

    love these q&a sessions – thanks for taking the time Keifer

  • Rul

    To Kiefer

    Thanks for all the info and your time for the Q&A. I really enjoy CBL and all your articles. My only question is about my training schedule, i’m train 6-7 days a week and 4 of that days i train twice a day. Some days my energy is high, but some days i feel lack of energy for my second training. I think if i cbl more carbs in the night, but i dont want become to fat…there is some tips for some schedule like this? maybe more fat in the first part of days? (more coconut oil) . And my other question is, i really need a little portion of carb for my morning training? or i need wait for the insuline spike after the second training. Or maybe i can take a diet soda after the morning training for get the insule spike without carbs?.


    sorry for take your time and for my bad english


    Some say is overtraining, but i use this style for more than a year with good results.

    My training is a hybrid of Chaos and Pain, dinasaur training, and ghetto street workout.

    P.S.- P.S- P.S

    I hear your podcast with chaos and pain and lift-run-bang blog.

    Congrats for all your work!

    Stay strong, stay active!!

  • Chet

    Why is everybody so focused on the new Carb Night(yes, I’m Canadian)? I want the new Shockwave Protocol!

  • Mason25


    In Chapter 49 of CBL you say that in an “upcoming book” you will address advanced nutrition for endurance training. Any E.T.A on when that book or update will be coming?

  • Ryan

    I’m curious as to the affect of napping on insulin sensitivity. After I have my post workout carbs I often get tired and nap. Would finishing a workout at 6, napping from 7:30 to 9 then eating more carbs be a problem.

  • Ian Tan Wei Lun

    How do I switch from CBL to Carb Nite Solution? and vice versa? or whether is it wise to do so?

    • Justin

      What do you mean, how? stop back-loading as often… go down to once a week, or at least once every four or five or six days.

  • Dave Oz Mckay

    My main quandary with the Bible, i.e the CBL book is it says for a man of 200lbs I could eat up to 700g carbs??? I know it depends between individuals but is this 700 an absolute max, I usually restrict myself to 200g a night. I know its a case of if it works it works but I wonder if I’m missing something. Also, for my night time treats, is it bad eating lots of sugars, or would it be good to mix it up between sugar and starch foods maybe, breads bagels etc?

    • Justin

      Firstly, CBL recommends finding your sweet-spot with carbs, no? It even offers some guidance with the prep-phase weight-drop and the appendix chart to use that (mostly water) weight loss to determine your baseline carbs. I’ve heard recommendations on the forum to take that number, times 1.5 or 2 and then space that amount of carbs through the weeks back-loads. Not 100% sure about that though.

      As for sugars, I think it’s best to stick with glucose-dominant sugars like dextrose and maltodextrin or corn syrup (different from high-fructose corn syrup)… or whatever sugar sources are highest in glucose, rather than the others (fructose, sucrose?).

      • Bigby

        Yes a 200lbs man could eat 700g of carbs. Thats 2800 calories. But lot of people misunderstand this part of CBL. backloading doesn’t mean you should eat 700g of carbs 5 days per week if you train 5 days per week. It means backloading twice a week eating 700 g of carbs on those days and for the rest of the week you’re on ultra low carbvery low calories. If you count the calories from protein and fat provided in the guide, on rest days you’ll gonna eat like half of your BMR, which is terribly low, basically to compensate the backloading bing.

        • Brian McCrum

          Bigby, your response certainly helped me since I too was confused, however, did you just throw out “twice a week” as an example? Or does the book actually specify that optimally you’re only loading that way twice a week?

          • Justin

            I don’t know if it was in the book, but I seem to recall the “double your carb threshold” (figured during the 10 day prep phase weight-loss) throughout the week mentioned in podcasts and on the board… not necessarily just twice a week in full threshold load.

  • Marcelo

    How do you modify the CBL protocol if dairy is an issue? Substitute whey with what kind of protein? I use pea protein and VegaSport products because of GI sensitivites.

    • Justin

      I think hemp heart protein (onnit.com, for example) and high quality beef collagen powder would be better than pea or vega sport… although Kiefer recommends avoiding collagen in CNS, I’m guessing he’s referring to the filler collagen in a lot of stuff, and not the higher quality collagen products that are available at places like proteinco.ca or upgradedself.com

    • Lee F

      Just found this link, are you still using the VegaSport product? I am a femal PT and BB, age near 50 and I use Vega for the same reason as you. Also use Egg protein too, switch back and forth, love Vega for the taste and it’s so clean but wonder what I maybe missing by not using the standard whey products that 99% of everyone else uses. Do you feel you are missing out on nice gains? Sometimes I wonder how much further I’d be if I could digest whey.

  • danone

    what if i wake up at 5 and train at 630 how can i make cbl work for me if i can only train in the morning

    • Gabe

      It’s in the book.

  • Chris

    Can’t figure out if I should buy the Carb Back-Loading book/course because I workout one day on, one day off and one of the main points I’ve seen Kiefer make about CBL is that one of the main reasons you eat all of those high GI carbs at night is for the next day’s training session. If my day after a training session is an off-day, then it would seem that CBL wouldn’t be right for me. Before making the investment into the course, I’m hoping to get an answer on this.

    • reisbaron

      If you train in the AM on CBL, backloads should occur the night before. On days you do not train, stick with ULC the night before.

  • Oz McKay

    Kiefer, is there a limit to what you can drop your carb intake to when CBL’ing? As in I stick to around 200g carbs a night but sometimes when I go lower I get mixed results? Reason 200g is around 1g/lb body weight.

  • Dan

    Just finished reading Kiefer’s “recipe” for fat loss on vacation while drinking alcohol. Basically, based on a 1 week vacation, it involved: 2 weeks of CBL, 1 week CBS, and then while on vacation, fasting until 2pm, then eating whatever one wanted while drinking low carb alcohol, preferably hard liquor.

    I like to drink, so I was wondering if this could be modified to work on a weekly basis so that one can drink on weekends. Would a schedule like this be effective: 1) low carb all week as per Carb Nite. 2) Friday and Saturday, use the fasting, eating, and drinking schedule detailed in the vacation regimen. 3) Return to low carb on Sunday. Rinse and repeat.

    Just wondering if something like this would be effective in avoiding fat gain, and how the science behind it works.

  • Guest

    Name: Jeremy Djinovic (formerly Wethall)
    Age: 30
    Ht: 5’9″
    BF: 9-10%
    Years Training: 10
    Training protocols: Currently MADCOW (modified), Blood and Guts(not anymore obviously), FST-7
    Sport: Bodybuilding, interested in powerlifting
    Reason for CBL: Add muscle mass with minimal bodyfat accumulation
    Supplements: Leucine, Creatine Mono, WPI, Torrent (hydrolysate, leucine, dextrose/waxymaize, creatine blend), 100% Casein, Fish oil, caffeine.
    Successful Past Dieting strategies: Cyclical Ketogenic Dieting(CKD, love it), Reverse Dieting (pushing carb threshold)
    Failed diets: VLC diets, carb cycling, anything with high cardio.
    Metabolic issues: Low grade hypothyroidism (medicated).

    Now, there’s some info about me. I am currently coming off of a CKD and did the 10 day prep phase for CBL. For me this just meant skipping my weekly carb up day. I actually had a question regarding fat intake on CBL that I didn’t think was properly addressed. With CKD, you carb up for 24 hours once a week after an intense full body depletion workout using High GI carbs, much like CBL, to restore glycogen and boost Leptin and Thyroid levels. However, the CKD approach differs in that fat consumption much remain under 88g in order to avoid fat gain. The sources cited for this include:

    Acheson, K.J. “Nutritional influences on lipogenesis and thermogenesis after a carbohydrate meal.” Am J Physiol (1984) 246: E62-E70.

    Acheson, K.J. et. al. “Glycogen storage capacity and de novo lipogenesis during massive carbohydrate overfeeding in man” Am J Clin Nutr (1988) 48: 240-247.

    Unfortunately I could only find the abstract online without having to pay for the full article, and didn’t see 88grams of fat intake mentioned anywhere. I do know that keeping my fats low and carbs very high (1000g) resulted in great repletion, minimal to no fat accumulation, and I got shredded in 5 weeks. Can anyone weigh in on the fat intake for CBL? Pizza and pastries are obviously not low fat carb sources.

    • Adiga

      This is EXACTLY what I want to know. How much is a lot?

  • ebeth

    Sorry if duplicate not sure first went through. In using nicotine plus carb nite protocols when off nicotine for two weeks as you recommend, do you expect the rebound weight gain you describe in smokers? If so how do you avoid it? Thanks for your help.

  • marcosss

    Hi John, do you have experience using CBL in conjunction with peptides?
    I have been on the CBL for around 5 months along with a supplement regime that include a 3 time a day saturation dosing of MOD GRF1-29 & GHRP2 stack. Pre bed, post work out & first thing in the morning. So far have had outstanding results, but am a little unsure of my post work out sequence of events. Currently I take my peptides immediately PWO and wait around 20 minutes prior to taking my post training Hypertophic potentiator. Your thoughts & or suggestions.

  • Linda

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the science that supports why we shouldn’t exceed the 14 hour fasting ? I can’t seem to find it.

  • TAN

    2 Questions:
    1. Does having hot water with lemon in the morning break the fat-burning cycle?
    2. What’s a good ‘morning after’ Carb Nite detox drink that’s not going to affect insulin? (Please don’t tell me coconut oil coffee. Oil, dairy, and coffee are the last things I want after the CN.)

  • Sherree

    I am using Carb Nite Solution and am considering adding Beachbody’s Shakeology to my day. I like the product and it is within carb range, but I wonder if it will hinder my results. Minus regularity and being a little spent after a workout, I am having great results.

  • halfguardkimura


    I have a theory that slower progress when drinking diet sodas doesn’t have anything to do with the artificial sweeteners. Instead, I think that it involves your body anticipating the taste of something sweet which has been scientifically proven to start insulin release. Your body anticipates that it will need to release insulin to break down sweet things (which your body expects to have sugar) and it starts releasing insulin as soon as you even think about the taste of something sweet.

  • ncbookseller

    I ate low carb for several years, mainly to lose weight. As others have found, it stopped working about 20 lb short of my goal. I have been incorporating more carbs into my diet, and have gained 4 lb or so of water? fat? glycogen? I am not a bodybuilder, but I do try to do bodyweight exercises, stretching and some dance and walking. My question is, would carb loading be a good solution given that I likely have some insulin resistance due to long term low carbing? Do you have tweaks you would recommend for someone in my situation? I have been adding carbs in and lowering fat for about 5 weeks with no changes except the initial 4 lb gain.

  • Tommbstone

    Does this system work for a 44 year old fart who is 6ft 275lb dude? My BF is the highest its ever been from the reason’s I’ll state next. Probably close to 20% now.

    I’m also talking about the DB system. I’d like to be a jacked 250lb. I’m 100% off gear, igf, slin and Hgh for almost a year. (Trying to get wife pregnant.)
    But it seems like as I listen to different podcast… this system does not really work for a bodybuilder who is trying to keep putting on muscle. (I was doing well in the over 40 contest and would like to keep going till 50) I don’t see any BB forums talking about success with CB. or maybe I’m just carrying to much muscle I don’t know. I also don’t see meal plans for a guy my size. Oh and I have the book and its protein seems very low for me.
    Thx for your incite everyone.

  • dave

    Do we need to supplement with protein on off days? and with milk or water?

  • Massimiliano Fontana

    Hello There! :)
    I work out bout 56Pm in the afternoon, so this would fit perfectly in your program, during the morning (Breakfast- mid morning-lunch) could I have Cottage Cheese?
    I’m asking this since from many articles I’ve read , it seems that the “fresh” product derived from Milk (as cottage cheese, Whey protein , Yogurt and milk too) are despite their Low Glycemic index strongly Insulinogenic..so this would mess up the whole strategy…
    Let me know if it’s possible…
    Many Thanks!


  • MaeFire

    Hi there. I would like to start getting a good looking body. As of right now, I am hovering at around 200lbs, and looking to lose around 70lbs of that through the proper dieting and exercise on a low budget. Where do you suppose I should start? Can you provide me some materials I might be able to read as to what I should do to get myself into shape, and(to be bluntly honest) a bikini that would fit me well…?

  • Stephen Craig

    1. Do you still recommend PeptoPro, or Isopure
    (heard this on a webcast) or both?

    2. When you recommend to take Leucine, should it be
    taken or added to shakes as a stand-alone (Leucine only), or with BCAAs?

    3. In your recent webcast it sounded like you
    weren’t recommending any intra-workout nutrition (to include the Sustainer
    Formula shake). Is that correct, and if
    so, are you saying to just do water during your workout, or is there something
    else that would be beneficial?

    4. I am at 13% BF, 61 years old, fairly muscular, 164 pounds. I want to go under 10% BF. Should I be using Density Bulking or Strength

    5. Should I wait 30 minutes or an hour as stated in the Webinar for post workout nutrition?

    6. Are any sugar substitutes okay to use except the acesulfame potassium also
    labeled as acesulame-K?

    7. Along with your ignition formula, do you see any benefit consuming a pre-workout drink as long as it doesn’t contain carbs (such as the NO boosters or those that contain beta- caritine)?

  • Massimiliano Fontana

    Hello There! :)
    I work out bout 56Pm in the afternoon, so this would fit perfectly in your program, during the morning (Breakfast- mid morning-lunch) could I have Cottage Cheese?
    I’m asking this since from many articles I’ve read , it seems that the “fresh” product derived from Milk (as cottage cheese, Whey protein , Yogurt and milk too) are despite their Low Glycemic index strongly Insulinogenic..so this would mess up the whole strategy…
    Let me know if it’s possible…
    Many Thanks!


  • Stian

    Hi when you train twice a day with heavy strength sessions.. Should i do post workout shake after them both or only the last one?

  • Ross

    I have been doing cbl for about a month and a half and recently fell off the wagon for a week and half because of final exams (eating carbs during the day and no gym) do I need to do the keto week again?

  • David243

    The only thing that is tricking me about carb-back loading is CAFFEINE !!! are there any side effects? Isn’t it going to affect anything in my body ?

  • Country boy cc

    I have been low carb f or 3weeks now I don’t know if I’m eating too many calories and I have been drinking diet sodas I I have gained weight on this I was wondering if there was any tips or maybe someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong

  • Rob Holbrook

    14 days in on Carb Nite. Looking for any advice for a Type 1 diabetic going forward. My thought is that I control my insulin amounts through my pump that this would still work. Is there any research either way?

  • Malachi McKoy

    I’ve read cbl and have just started reading CNS. I’ve been able to use cbl to successfully help pt clients to drop body fat while keeping and or gaining muscle. I’m having trouble however, gaining muscle myself. Do I just need to add more carbs to my back load? I’m 173lbs 11% bf. I average about 3000 cal/day, 250g protein, 300g carb, 100g fat

  • ronak rahman

    I just read through the backload book but I still need some assistance! Is there anybody here who can please guide me as to how to go about my preparation phase if I work out with HIIT twice a day?
    Greetings from London.

  • Sean Patrick Logue

    hey Kiefer I am just starting out on CNS. I have a lot of excess fat I am 6’2 300 lbs 27 years old. I have lost 40 lbs through diet and exercise. I am trying to figure out what the minimum amount of calories I need to consume a day. I do sl 5×5 3 days a week & 60 mins of light cardio 5 days a week
    I am not trying to count calories, but I am on a stimulant for ADHD & eating is a chore & I don’t want to hit starvation

  • Janet

    I just read the “white page” article on T3 Fuel, and on page 11 you elaborate on L-Carnitine explaining it helps with hyperthyroidism by lowering the levels to a more normal state. If the majority of the population with thyroid deficiency is hypo, then wouldn’t L-Carnitine be harmful because it will lower levels even more, thus annulling (or almost) the effects of the other ingredients? Thank you for your time

  • Branko

    There is but one thing I need to be answered. Hopefully Kiefer can answer this himself.
    Let’s say my training schedule is MON + WEN + FRI, right? After a session in a GYM doing some heavy resistance training, I would spike my insulin an hour after the training. So I triggered the release of insulin and therefore all the beneficial effects we are aiming for, got that. (y)
    Now, this is where I always stuck on: after I backloaded my carbs (training on monday, rest day on tuesday) I will basically just chill the next day and recover. The insulin spiking from last evening will help me heal and stuff, but I am not really working out the next day (so training ever day is detrimental for your body, therefore, I have at LEAST one day of recovery before the next training session).
    The carbs I backloaded just ‘sit’ there and are not getting used, right?
    Here is my first question: What should or CAN I do on a rest day? (in my case, I rest on TUE, THU,SAT)
    2nd: Let’s say I did no sport activity whatsoever. What would be my best option for dinner? Talking here about the ratio of fat:protein:carbs -> A low fat, green salad with tuna? This is a bit of more open question, tackling the question in general of how to handle the ratio of my macros on a rest day (Or should I just go completely keto all day on my rest day?).
    And 3rd: After my rest day, I will exercise again in the gym, doing some heavy lifting. Will I still have the benefits of the carbs that I backloaded two days ago? I usually approach my meals post workout with as little fat as possible, and 200g of carbs, which is fitting my case (chart in the book). I know that I can have some fat, however, I do prefer so cut as much fat as possible, just to go the safe road.

    Hope you guys can answer my stupid questions. Just need to be sure
    (Sorry for the long post, I wanted to give as much info as possible, so answering the question would be easier.)

    • conraddecker

      I’ve been trying to find the answer to this same exact question! Have you had any luck?

      • Branko

        Actually, I did! Basically, you just want to consume your carbs BEFORE your next days training, as supposed to right after your workout. Meaning: say you train on Monday, right? You would backload your carbohydrates on SUNDAY. Why? You don’t want the carbs in your system if you are not using them for the next day, i.e. restday. So, the carbs are not there to help you recover but to help you for your NEXT days workout.
        Sunday – Backload
        Monday – Training -> Stay in the ULC-range (>30g carbs)
        Tuesday – Restday -> Backload your carbs!
        => This goes on through the week. Rince and repeat!

        • conraddecker

          Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, it’s appreciated. I was kind of thinking this was the case but wasn’t sure if I was perhaps missing something. I’m glad to get confirmation. Cheers!

        • Jennifer Smithson

          That doesn’t make sense if you are using the carbs to replenish glycogen stores post workout

  • Rob Ebbrell

    Will I be ok eating scrambled eggs mid morning (CBL) providing I mix in lots of cheese and butter? Thanks!

  • Marc Desrosiers

    What about pre-mixed powders for post workout like Met-Rx, or Myoplex ?

  • Tawana

    John I am 41 years old I weigh 235lbs I’m 5’8 how long should I do carb night how much should I exercise

  • Wilson Trevillion

    Hello. So I watched a video where Keifer explained that vegetables arent necessary. I wanted to ask about all the positive digestive properties of vegetables other than fiber. What a about phytonutrients and phyto chemicals that help your digestive system run smoothly. Can you get that from supplements? If your intestines arent as clean as they could be should you flush yourself out before beginning this diet? Can you cleanse yourself during the diet? Will a chlorophyll pill and massive water intake daily do the trick? Im having some pretty good results and im only 2 days deep.

  • My-Cool Duxfield

    If I’m doing CNS and training fasted in the am, do I follow the same pre and post workout nutrition as carb backloading? As in, coffee only pre, then the hypertrophic pontentiator post? Also, should I be doing the am accelerator shake every morning on the carbnite plan.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks

  • My-Cool Duxfield

    I’ve just started CBL. I’m training 3 days a week and have been backloading after my workouts but I’ve just come a cross an old post from kiefer, bout 3 years old, where he explains that if your not training every other day, you should only be backloading on the evening prior to your training day. This will replenish glycogen stores for your workout the following day.

    I was confused by the post so went on to read the comments. Turns out the post confused and agrevated a lot of readers as the advice was very different to what is educated in the book. The video attached to the post was set to private so I’m guessing it may have caused some uprawl.

    So I’m just hoping to get a few things cleared up.. hopefully kiefer can help but anyone else with insight, it would be greatly appreciated..

    If I backload the night prior to training day, do I still aim at hi GI carbs?

    Post workout, will I just have the anabolic potentiator, no other carbs?

    Or considering that the video was disabled and the posts requests in the comments were never responded to, do I just carry on backloading post workout?


  • Jlou

    What are your thoughts on glycine and insulin. Here is research from 2002. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/12450897

  • Rex Robinson

    Hi, my name is Rex, I am 17 years old, I read your book on carb back loading and loved it, it’s the first book I read from interest and not a school assignment. I have turned back to it countless times for reference or info before I eat something or there is a change in my plans. I have so many questions but I’ll try to keep it short assuming you get paraded with questions all the time. I have been carb back loading for about a month now and feel good, I have gained muscle but not at the rate I expected(slower). In terms of fat loss, it is little to none, I either workout from the recommended 5:00 to about 5:50 or 6:00 or later in the night, and I try to eat the cleanest/most natural ingredient containing trash I can find, burgers, pizza, fries, sandwiches, shakes, ice cream, and that’s about it. In the first half of the day, I don’t eat much at all, maybe a few peanuts, and I work with my dad landscaping in above 100 degree heat for about 7 hours, then I get home eat a low carb lunch and take a nap, by the time I’m up, it is usually time to workout, and I don’t do the “vacuum, push the kids in the stroller” workout, I try to crank out more intense gym workouts involving weights, body weight, and not much cardio. Last thing I wanted to mention, I ate out with my family on vacation a few days ago and ate a carby meal at around 11:00am without a prior workout, which is not recommended, I figured it wouldn’t hurt, but within minutes I couldn’t speak clearly or form words, I had ahuge headache, and was a bit dizzy, I’m all back to normal today, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to continue loading or if I should go through the prep phase again. Sorry to bore you with all of this info, but from what I’ve told you, if there is anything I’m not doing right or can improve on, please tell me, if you can spare the time. Thank you very much.

  • Rex Robinson

    I currently landscape most days of the week from around 5am to 1pm, could that interfere with carb back loading? I train around 5 or 6 each night as well