BioJacked #8: More Q&A along with Haris Alukic (former MMA)

 Yet another all question-and-answer show, this time focusing on Training, aided by special guests Haris Alukic (former MMA figher, former powerlifter) and Anna Sweeney.

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The first 15 minutes is kinda random, where we’re just having a conversation on topics like intermittent fasting, Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat, and chicks we know who took up marathon running or Crossfit and got fat as a direct result.

This is part 1 of 2.

  • 01:00 Lack of Gut Bugs Linked to Extra Pounds on Kids []
  • 15:00 [break]
  • 15:30 Introducing Haris Alukic, former MMA, former powerlifter, covered in tattoos
  • 17:00 “Whaddya bench brah?”
  • 19:25 Do you have suggestions for workouts to cycle around Shockwave Protocol?
  • 20:15 Reminder about the DH Bench Challenge (note: we do now have enough challengers, BUT you can still sign up!)
  • 26:45 Yoga — what is it good for?
  • 32:30 Can you explain the therapeutic value of foam rolling?
  • 38:15 Any tricks or routines for getting better at pushups and pullups?
  • 44:10 Training for MMA — commentary from Haris, usage of Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading.
  • 52:30 Can fat cause or increase the insulin secretion in a meal?

This is part 2 of 2 of the “More Q&A” episode, featuring former MMA champion Haris Alukic and special guest Anna Sweeney.

Haris was one of the very first Carb Back-Loading guinea pigs (as Kiefer puts it).

And speaking of Carb Back-Loading, The Muscle and Fitness CBL discount is still in effect until May 31! (Click the above 2 links to compare, so you can see the discount you get with the second link.)

By the way, if you use the #biojacked tag on Twitter, we’ll see it while we’re on the air — every episode from now on. So use it!

  • 01:00 Haris Alukic’s hot mom.
  • 05:00 Kiefer’s favorite breakfast. “I’ll eat trash constantly…” The Rebound Effect after being on Carb Nite for a while.
  • 06:30 The digestion issue. Veggies? Fiber shakes?
  • 07:15 CHRONO-SHIFTING: how to make Carb Back-Loading work for people who sleep during the day, do shift work, etc.
  • 10:00 What about in areas of the world where sunshine disappears for months on end (e.g. northern Norway).
  • 11:30 Shockwave: is there a chance of overtraining when training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? What was the primary goal of the Shockwave Protocol available from ?
  • 12:45 Suggestions for improving cognitive performance? (Mentioned: 1-3, creatine, x-racetams like piracetam)
  • 17:30 Is CAT VI / V activity as important for power and endurance sports as it’s made out to be? (Long question)
  • 20:50 Is there a negative result from eating more fat than protein? Best go-to fat and protein sources?
  • 22:45 Anna asks: what happens if you eat unlimited fat and protein but absolutely zero carbs?
  • 27:00 Assuming perfect adherence to the diet, how might you figure out why you’ve stopped losing fat?
  • 28:15 Haris is covered in tattoos except for ONE PATCH on his leg… Talks about MMA and scaring people in the supermarket.
  • 35:15 In Search of the Perfect Human Diet (documentary film by CJ Hunt, who we’ll interview for the NEXT Biojacked, Episode #9).