Should You Workout During the Prep Phase on Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite

Kiefer discusses the importance of working out and resistance training while in the preparation phase in Should You Workout During the Prep Phrase on Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer with with another TubeCast for you.

And I wanted to talk about the Prep Phrase today, because there’s a lot of questions on – should you resistance train during your Prep Phrase, and what kind of resistance training?  I’ve already discussed a little bit about HIIT training during prep. It can accelerate the Prep Phrase and shorten it by up to three days. So if you want to include some HIIT intervals in the first few days of your Prep Phrase, you can actually shorten that a little bit.

But for resistance training, if you’re a fan of Heavy Duty, or even if you’re not – the Prep Phrase is actually a great time to do Heavy Duty type training where you push really hard. You won’t recover as fast, but in the upcoming weeks, you’ll adjust your volume to where you can recover from that week. And this is one place where I very heavily use the Heavy Duty CBL Training Program that I publish on my website. It’s available for free download, you can check it out. But this is a great workout. Really pushes your muscles and also helps you tap into glycogen stores while you’re training.

Other training paradigms work as well – 5/3/1 works, Shockwave works very well. Higher volume training will be a little bit better because it will help you get through your glycogen stores more rapidly. But you want to make sure you keep the intensity of that week and you don’t just slack off because you don’t have carbs. You will feel horrible by the end of the week. And that’s fine. That’s normal. That means you’re on track.

If you never feel bad that first week, then there’s something wrong and you really need to address your diet and see what’s going on. Were you sneaking some carbs? Or are you just being sloppy with your diet? Or are you just being pathetic in the gym and not really training that hard? Those are all things to consider. But you should resistance train during that Prep Phase – very important. And it will help you adjust more rapidly and get your muscles ready for the transition, especially with Carb Back-Loading, of moving back and forth between carbohydrates and ultra-low carb portions of the day.

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