News: Carb Back-Loading, DH Forums, and Kiefer’s Kryptonite

Hey everybody, Naomi here. We have a bunch of important announcements to make. I promise if you read all the way down to the bottom it'll be worth it. Even superheroes have weaknesses Thanksgiving came and went, and I was grateful for Carb Back-Loading. It's nice knowing that when you'll be faced … [Read more...]

Surgeon General’s Warning: Is Known To Cause Radioactive Superpowers

To me, a super hero is not only someone who does the amazing, but does it easily. Superman’s not super because he can lift a car—I’ve seen a guy lift a car before—Superman’s impressive because he lifts a car without effort. Superman wouldn’t seem so super if he strained with every feat of strength, … [Read more...]

Dropping the F*Bomb

WARNING: This essay contains vulgar language. Don't read it... A health-industry figure posted on their Facebook wall an expression of disappointment that someone dropped the F*bomb on a fitness-radio interview while their child listened. That someone in the interview could have been me, I don’t … [Read more...]

Synthetic Wisdom Equals True Bullshit

I’m not one to complain, but for a society catapulted to the pinnacle of world power by scientific achievement, we sure do love mystics. Not mystics in the neo-cultural sense that read palms, the stars or numbers to tell the future; I’m talking about the vintage mystics, witch doctors of former … [Read more...]

Interview with Kiefer about Carb Backloading

Here's an interview with Kiefer conducted by Tanner Fox, a Carb Backloading true believer who had a few questions, as well as a nice testimonial about using this protocol himself. The guys just kinda launch into it after an amusing intro conversation, which you'll catch the tail end of at the … [Read more...]

Interview With The Coroner

Note: I’ve been away for some time now, but I am back and ready to resume where I began: delivering cutting edge information, scientific explanations and practical applications. I noticed that as the length of my silence grew, questions accumulated and eventually—even rightfully—speculation arose … [Read more...]

Don’t Trust Me

As I’m about to release an integrated plan, one for rapid fat loss while preserving muscle and the other for muscle gain while trying to lose fat (or at least not adding any), I want to make a strong statement, one that you’ll never hear from another person in this field and that you rarely hear … [Read more...]

Welcome to the New DH!

There’s something different about Dangerously Hardcore. Sure, the colors have changed, the logo looks professional, and there’s a hot chick on the right side of the screen, but there’s more. … [Read more...]

Is Carb Nite® Right For You?

My first book, The Carb Nite® Solution, is enjoying a second surge in sales because I’m learning how to promote myself and my work. This is and always will be my weak point because I don’t want to dress up my knowledge with glitter and lace and make it all pretty and palatable. I prefer dealing with … [Read more...]

Carb Back-Loading: The Final Follow Up

This another follow-up, the last I intend to devote to carb back-loading until the dust settles. So let me begin at the beginning… … [Read more...]