BioJacked #11: Jim Laird Interview

I had the chance to sit down and chat with one of my favorite people in this industry, Jim Laird. Jim’s goal resonates with DH: turning everyone into an athlete from the inside out. I’m not even sure all of the topics we covered, but we pretty much spanned the gamut from health, performance to annoyance.

You can learn more about Jim at his websites:

And I have to put link in here to Molly Galbrath, also one of my favorite people in this industry. She’s intelligent, generous, tenacious and damn hot.


  • Dave

    Does anyone know exactly what Jim Laird means when he says, “The march Sumo wrestlers do with their arms?”

    • Jim Laird

      Before the match they do there little squat dance.

      • Dave

        Ah, the Shiko, thank you sir. They also use that as a training tool from what I’ve read

        • Jim Laird

          Thank you … I was wondering whats it’s called. Give it a shot it works.

  • Chris Butler

    I’ve made 8 attempts to listen. Each time it freezes up. Never had this problem in the past.

  • Chris Butler

    9 attempts

  • Zenon Garnett

    really great interveiw. actually getting the player to work long enough to listen to the whole thing was another story though.

    • rina

      Player’s working fine for me using latest Firefox on MacOS. Try a different browser or download the .mp3 file and listen to it outside of the player?