BioJacked #15: The Mountain Dog Howls with John Meadows

On this episode of BioJacked, I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with John Meadows of Mountain Dog Diet. He's a bodybuilder and coach and special liaison to EliteFTS, presenting at their Learn To Train seminars. He also trains with Dave Tate. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #14: Q&A with Kiefer and Alex Navarro

In this edition of BioJacked, Alex and I hit the forums to answer all the questions we ignored on previous shows. I wish I could remember everything we covered, but it was a lot. Listen closely because this was our first experiment with home broadcasting via BlogTalkRadio and we didn't have adequate … [Read more...]

BioJacked #13: Fitness Insider Bob Ihlenfeldt on the Underbelly of the Fitness World

On this episode of BioJacked, I cajoled fitness insider, Bob Ihlenfeldt to share his experience as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country to talk candidly about his experience in the fitness and performance world. And does Bob have a lot of material to speak from, being the … [Read more...]

BioJacked #12: Jason Phillips and Mary Gines

The lost episode has been found. The quality isn't the best but we can all thank MT from the forums for providing a bootleg copy. I'm glad too because this episode contains great conversation with Jason Phillips, a contest prep expert, trainer of professional athletes from NFL players to PGA Tour … [Read more...]

BioJacked #11: Jim Laird Interview

I had the chance to sit down and chat with one of my favorite people in this industry, Jim Laird. Jim's goal resonates with DH: turning everyone into an athlete from the inside out. I'm not even sure all of the topics we covered, but we pretty much spanned the gamut from health, performance to … [Read more...]

BioJacked #10: Nate Miyaki, Samurai Psychologist

In this 10th episode of BioJacked on Mutiny Radio (see ) we invited fitness model, trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness book author Nate Miyaki to share his science- and psychology-based approach to diet and bodybuilding. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet

BIOJACKED #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet In this episode, we had the pleasure of getting CJ Hunt on the phone to talk about his new movie, "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" (See ), and to chat about his journey from a sudden heart attack at the age of … [Read more...]

BioJacked #8: More Q&A along with Haris Alukic (former MMA)

 Yet another all question-and-answer show, this time focusing on Training, aided by special guests Haris Alukic (former MMA figher, former powerlifter) and Anna Sweeney. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #7: Our First All Q&A

We collected questions from the forums and over social media channels to throw at Kiefer. On this show we ended up focusing on nutrition. Check out the associated forum post to see the questions we fielded for this show. We just about covered them all... … [Read more...]

BioJacked #6: Core Rehab with Helene Byrne

Helene Byrne ( is an exercise physiologist specializing in post-pregnancy rehabilitation. She also has some interesting things to say about the strange effects that powerlifting has on the shape of the core muscles, a physiological issue Kiefer is interested in as well. … [Read more...]