BioJacked #15: The Mountain Dog Howls with John Meadows

On this episode of BioJacked, I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with John Meadows of Mountain Dog Diet. He’s a bodybuilder and coach and special liaison to EliteFTS, presenting at their Learn To Train seminars. He also trains with Dave Tate.

Here’s a little about John in his own words:

Nutrition is a passion of mine that I love to share with others. There are many things about my program that do not necessarily agree with mainstream theory, but you will see that the philosophies I have are rooted in fact, and not fiction. You will learn that saturated fats aren’t all that bad for you, neither is dietary cholesterol, and many other nutritional truths along the way that you can apply to how you eat for better results.

We dropped some serious knowledge bombs in this episode. We discussed everything from Carb Back-Loading for contest prep to the makings of Anabolic Cardio. I also learned about John’s unique training system that’s he’s pioneered over the last decade and the striking similarities between Mountain Dog training and the Shockwave Protocols.

I’m also trying out a new system with SoundCloud so everyone can mark points of interest within the show. We’ll see how this works for now. 


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