Q&A With Kiefer

Your Questions, Answered: I’m using the Carb Back-Loading Strength Accumulation protocol. How low of a body fat percentage can I expect to hit before my strength is impaired, i.e., is there a “tipping point” where I’ll have to choose between losing fat and gaining strength? … [Read more...]

Book Excerpt: The Carb Nite Solution

We Have A Winner You’ve been reading this book in order to learn how to rid your body of those annoying fat deposits—and, so far, the entire discussion has detailed what’s wrong with everything else. By now, I hope you’re convinced to at least consider trying a different approach. The current … [Read more...]

Q&A With Kiefer

Your Questions, Answered: Okay, I accept that massive insulin spikes may be the key to long-term fat loss, but I’ve been warned by my doctor that I’m “pre-diabetic.” What is the effect of these spikes on someone whose insulin sensitivity has been blunted by as much abuse as mine has? Will I be able … [Read more...]

Transformation Spotlight: Seth Lirette

By 2007, being big was just a fact of Seth Lirette’s life. As a 6’5” offensive lineman at Jones County Junior College, the Waynesboro, MS native never bothered stepping on a scale. The numbers there didn’t matter. The main priority was his level of play—and as a highly skilled technician and natural … [Read more...]

Sunday Editor’s Letter: June 2013

What the hell, you may be wondering, are we doing? We know this site’s been around for a few years—in various incarnations, now—and we’ve managed to build up one hell of a readership during that time. We also understand how protective people can be of their daily reading material, especially in a … [Read more...]

Product Review: Mio Alpha

When one company becomes synonymous with a type of device—Polar is to heart rate monitors as Xerox is to, well, Xerox machines—it’s rare to see a new twist on that device permeate that membrane of saturation. For years, we’ve been running to Polar for our heart rate monitors, but after trying out … [Read more...]

As Seen On Twitter: Diet Sodas Make You Fat

Artificial sweeteners might be making us fatter and sicker than we’re already making ourselves with carbs alone. This is what a research article recently published in Diabetes Care, the American Diabetes Association’s journal, is telling us, and it’s stirred up a serious maelstrom across the … [Read more...]

Backup Energy: Why Glucagon is Important

More material from my original research notes: Your body needs to maintain a supply of fuel, and glucagon is a crucial part of this system. Considering the ample access people have to quality food, at least in America with all of our supermarkets and restaurants, glucagon is seldom seen in high … [Read more...]

The Revolution Begins

Athlete.io: ATHLETE IN OPPOSITION Welcome to Athlete.io, where we’re you. We do the same things you do, and we want the same things you want. Our goal is to be healthy, and we want to perform and look our best every minute of every day. Most of all, we want to do things the right way and the … [Read more...]

Diet Anger: The Serotonin Connection

Some big changes are happening here in our fortified bunker. HUGE ones that'll enable us to get you the most bleeding-edge nutrition and training information in the industry on a broader and grander scale than ever before. We'll keep you advised, of course, but in the meantime, here's another … [Read more...]