Eating Breakfast Causes Weight Loss: Worst Research Ever

When you live in San Francisco, there’s a whole list of upscale shit you’re supposed to do, provided you’re looking to fit in. It goes without saying that you can never vote Republican, it’s obligatory to blow half your paycheck on kombucha and organic quinoa at Whole Foods, and if you’re … [Read more...]

Top 11 Excuses Not To Lose Weight

I’ve heard just about every excuse in the world for not losing weight, getting healthy or lifting weights and it’s damn annoying when someone rambles off an excuse for why they can’t—or worse—why they refuse to lose weight or workout. They act as though it’s ironclad logic and that to even attempt … [Read more...]

Why Robb Wolf Sucks

http://carbbackloading.com … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga Is Carb Back-Loading

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Paleo Deconstructed Part 1.1: Robb Wolf

There's a belief that I'm here to knock the Paleo movement or even to make a few jabs at influential figures like Robb Wolf—I only do that with asinine plans like IF and it's supporters when they preach a blind, unjustified faith in the diet's non-existent magical powers. … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong: Perspective

Imagine working your ass off for years and getting recognized as the best employee in the company. Now imagine being fired the next day. You must be fired, they say, for cheating because no one could achieve so much, and the company doesn’t want anyone to feel bad about their lack of accomplishment. … [Read more...]

The DH War On Drug Abuse

The 2012 Summer Olympics were boring. Not from an athletic perspective, of course—there was plenty of excitement in that department. I’m talking about our old friends scandal and controversy. Nothing of note happened this year, unlike past Olympics, where rumors of athletes’ drug use ran rampant and … [Read more...]

Unstable Surfaces for Stability Training (aka Clown School)

My friend Todd is unstable. We live in a world where most of what we’re taught is based on policy and protocol rather than science. The consequences thereof run through basic subjects, like health, nutrition, training advice and even therapeutic practices. This makes me a little unstable too, like … [Read more...]

Women’s Self-Image: Photoshop Be Damned

I’m an avid supporter of women’s health initiatives. It makes sense: many of my dearest friends, the people I love and adore are women and I want them to enjoy happiness, vivacity and a long active life (that’s one reason I’m trying to kill running). Some may consider this selfish motivation, but if … [Read more...]

The Scientist Asshole

Today, I found out I’m an asshole. This isn’t something you take lightly or try to sugarcoat with, “oh, I just have an edge to my writing,” … [Read more...]