Can Nicotine Safely Burn Fat and Build Muscle? The Surprising Facts

WARNING: This article isn’t for the general public. It’s definitely, unequivocally not. I wouldn’t tell you to run your daily driver on pure ethanol formulated for Grand Prix racing, so if you’re already happy riding around in that Honda Civic body of yours, more power to you. This post, however, is for fire-breathing monsters—not necessarily race cars, but the Lamborghinis and Bugattis of the world seeking a balance between ultra-performance, aesthetics, and longevity. Proceed with caution here. Treacherous Turns Ahead.

Don’t tell me you just “train to be strong,” because I’ll know you’re lying. As people who train our asses off, we’re all constantly looking to accelerate the fat burning process while we add muscle. Nobody wants to spend hours in the gym, benching 315 for reps, before hitting the nightclub in a muumuu.

Trouble is, all the so-called “good stuff” that physique competitors use and abuse is kept hidden away from the public as a result of an unspoken code of silence. They’re also illegal. The law says you can’t take fat-burners like clenbuterol, albuterol and ephedrine anymore. This, however, may not be a bad thing, because research has shown that they’re not quite as effective as the bodybuilding world makes them out to be.

These fat-burners all target fat cells in the same way. Adrenaline uses particular receptors on fat cells to make them dump their fat load and empty out. The three I mentioned above target fat cells either by causing a release of adrenaline, or by using the same receptors as adrenaline.

They’ll stop working if you use them long enough. That’s because after a while, your cells become immune to catecholamines in general—which means they become immune to the effects of adrenaline. You develop a sort of “adrenaline diabetes,” where these fat burners stop doing what they’re supposed to do[1-4].

There is, however, a surprising—and highly controversial solution: nicotine.


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