DH Certified Shoes-Puma Ferrari Future Cats

http://dh.tl/futurecat Get a set of sick-looking DH lifting shoes by clicking above. … [Read more...]

Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat”

I know I haven't posted in a bit, but amidst the internal turmoil, I had time to read Gary Taubes' most recent book, Why We Get Fat. I've had a chance to sit down and have lunch with Gary and I'd  say, with our aligned views, we'll become fast friends. Until that day, Gary did say something … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Updated Blends 1 and 2

I promised everyone a couple of days for the new blends, but if you can give me until the weekend, I'm working with Protein Factory so that you can purchase the customized blends with a single click instead of going through the Custom Protein Lab. I appreciate your patience in giving me the time to … [Read more...]

Protein Supplementation 2.0

Brian Carroll called me the other day, while I was traveling in Utah and asked for advice on his protein supplementation. When Brian calls you for help, you take it seriously; normally, people call Brian for help. … [Read more...]

Fat Forearm Training

Why the hell are so many guys taking up a bench performing wrist curls? Scientists have yet to find an explanation for this phenomenon, but the dominant theory has something to do with their lack of a girlfriend: the longer they've been single, the more wrist curls they do. … [Read more...]

Does Bowflex® Really Works?

The short answer: no. You can stop reading now if you'd like. … [Read more...]