BioJacked #13: Fitness Insider Bob Ihlenfeldt on the Underbelly of the Fitness World

On this episode of BioJacked, I cajoled fitness insider, Bob Ihlenfeldt to share his experience as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country to talk candidly about his experience in the fitness and performance world. And does Bob have a lot of material to speak from, being the number two guy at AMI Publications, the owners of Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Flex and a host of other magazines.

 Bob’s worked closely with EliteFTS and Dave Tate for the last 10 years and is connected to just about everyone in the industry from international fitness personalities, world-record smashing athletes to celebrity trainers. To boot, Bob’s the guy who put me on the national scene with my debut print article in Muscle & Fitness, a project that took him nearly 9 months to get into the publication schedule.