BioJacked #12: Jason Phillips and Mary Gines

The lost episode has been found. The quality isn’t the best but we can all thank MT from the forums for providing a bootleg copy. I’m glad too because this episode contains great conversation with Jason Phillips, a contest prep expert, trainer of professional athletes from NFL players to PGA Tour members and he’s one jacked dude. Jason flew out from Dallas for a few days for a pseudo-interview to become the first official DHEX (DangerouslyHardcore EXpert). I’m pretty sure Jason’s still on board, but he’s been tied up recently with competitor support (’tis the season). You can learn more about Jason from his blog: Jason Phillips Fitness

Also on-air, even if barely so, was Mary J Gines, National Level Bikini Competitor and DH’s new director of social media. Everybody, simmer down. Yes, she’s hot, but she’s busy–so don’t make me hate you for taking up her time with random proposals of marriage.

  • Chris Butler

    This show has frozen up on me as well.
    Anyone else not able to listen to this show or the Jim Laird episode?

    • DanL

      Yep, having problems specifically with the new episodes (11 and 12); the older ones seem fine. If I try to use the download option, I get a message that says “could not find”. If I try to use the player, it either just doesn’t play anything or plays for a few minutes and then stops. I’ve tried it about every other day since episode 11 was put up, and I’m still seeing the same behavior. Love the podcasts, hopefully the issue can be resolved soon.