BioJacked #14: Q&A with Kiefer and Alex Navarro

In this edition of BioJacked, Alex and I hit the forums to answer all the questions we ignored on previous shows. I wish I could remember everything we covered, but it was a lot. Listen closely because this was our first experiment with home broadcasting via BlogTalkRadio and we didn’t have adequate equipment. We’ve since upgraded so you’ll never have to listen to another production with such low-quality again–at least, not on BioJacked Radio.

AND as a special bonus, it’s the premier of our new show intro and outro. I hope everyone likes it.

  • rbfaszholz

    Unable to download this episode. All others downloaded fine. Tried multiple browsers etc. … Nothing.

  • cainooo

    this information is to good to be heard in such bad quality (no offence) is there a transcript? if not it would be ace!!

  • Lille t

    Horrible audio quality, realle would like to hear what ur saying

  • Jason

    Make everything work on the site, then worry about making flashy graphics

  • Adam

    Where is the audio file? Adam

  • Boogieman

    I cant see the audio file?

  • Ashley Doig

    Where is the audio file? Dying to know what questions were answered.