BioJacked #15: The Mountain Dog Howls with John Meadows

On this episode of BioJacked, I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with John Meadows of Mountain Dog Diet. He’s a bodybuilder and coach and special liaison to EliteFTS, presenting at their Learn To Train seminars. He also trains with Dave Tate.

Here’s a little about John in his own words:

Nutrition is a passion of mine that I love to share with others. There are many things about my program that do not necessarily agree with mainstream theory, but you will see that the philosophies I have are rooted in fact, and not fiction. You will learn that saturated fats aren’t all that bad for you, neither is dietary cholesterol, and many other nutritional truths along the way that you can apply to how you eat for better results.

We dropped some serious knowledge bombs in this episode. We discussed everything from Carb Back-Loading for contest prep to the makings of Anabolic Cardio. I also learned about John’s unique training system that’s he’s pioneered over the last decade and the striking similarities between Mountain Dog training and the Shockwave Protocols.

I’m also trying out a new system with SoundCloud so everyone can mark points of interest within the show. We’ll see how this works for now. 


Part 1:

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  • mriggs

    Kiefer, your and Alex’s mics were not working during the Meadows interview so all that could be heard was John speaking. Most of the recording is dead air (at least for me).

    • NJ Jets

      It needs to be in stereo

  • Buisness

    When dieting for bodybuilding on training days when u back load Is it clean high glycemic choices and how much do u eat till your full or measure it out? And would humapro be ok to take Pre workout an with my morning meals Is there anything that might raise insulin in that?

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  • Christopher Kelsall

    So the image of this body builder is of a person who is not doing anabolic steroids or an PEDs, correct? Yet you write that women should not be running. Wow.

    • LordOrangePop

      Christopher your an idiot..that should answer your question.

    • Brian Roth

      Regarding PEDs – Plenty of body builders who are HUGE don’t use PEDs. Could they get bigger using them? Sure. But just because someone looks 100x better than your Chris Kattan lookin soft ass doesn’t mean they have to be on roids.
      Kiefer never said women “should not be running”. HIIT is quite often running. What he said is that you shouldn’t be running for hours on a treadmill like a hamster on a wheel doing steady-state cardio. It’s worthless crap and a waste of time. ANYONE who has read ANY studies regarding HIIT knows that doing bursts for half an hour burns more fat than steady state cardio for several hours. Don’t be ignorant.

      • Mason Zuleger

        And even more… he says women shouldn’t run for FAT LOSS. If you run because you like it then have at it just know it’s not great for your joints and is not the best fat burning process.