Lady Gaga Is Carb Back-Loading

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  • BearFriend

    Hi Kiefer. I haven’t read the article you referenced, but Ive heard this sentiment a million times before from female celebrities (I’m a chick, BTW). However, what I feel is worse is how so many male celebrities gain weight and still remain famous and it’s never (or rarely) mentioned. As a woman, I can tell you that whenever a Lady Gaga or Jessica Simpson say “im cool with being chubby”, women don’t really — in their heart of hearts — buy that load of BS. We’re girls. As much as we’d *love* to not be judged by our bodies, only a fool wouldn’t know that that’s the reality. Men, on the other hand, don’t. And I think that gives them a false sense of “this is ok”. You had mentioned in another post somewhere that women buy most of the diet books. Women — albeit, usually unsuccessfully — at least always *try* to diet and get healthy. Sure, we can fool ourselves (“moderation is key” BS comes to mind). But we know what the deal-ee-o is and we try tp shed the weight. Men just, well, don’t. So it would seem even *more* important to hold up overweight male celebrities and say “this is just WRONG”, because the message needs to get out there. I mean, men *are* the ones that are dying from being unhealthy at a greater rate than females, so the message is of utmost importance to the guys.