DH Certified Shoes-Puma Ferrari Future Cats


Get a set of sick-looking DH lifting shoes by clicking above.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alaskafishing Marc Theiler

    I actually super dig those shoes.

  • Saav

    “Cushioned midsole and functional stabilizer for comfort and support”

    Aren’t there better choices?

    • JasonD

      Sounds crossfittish

  • picklefactory

    What the fuck? If you’re going to shill something at me, at least bother to give me more than a sentence.

  • http://twitter.com/a1wan Alex Wan

    these scream “guido”

  • jam.josh

    Those are some pretty choice kicks (80’s throwback slang…i’m a nerd).
    Seriously though, I think I’m going to take your recommendation. I
    noticed they have quite a few different Ferrari Future Cats that aren’t
    quite as flashy with the chrome as well. Kiefer, I was curious what your
    opinion is on using wrestling shoes or even Otomix’s training shoes for
    workouts? On a functionality basis and not fashionability.

  • Ron Fuller

    I would suggest wearing inserts for the arch, especially if you’re going to squat.

  • JasterM5

    They were actually designed to be racing shoes without being full race prep. (like Sparco) Various manufactures have premium driving shoes which are similar. This is why they have a continuation of the sole that goes all the way up the back of the heel. Its so you can rest your foot on the floor. Minimal sol also lets you “feel” the car better. I think Puma is one of the leaders in this style shoe, but for others looking for more cosmetic choices, any “driving” shoe will be similar.
    Warning though, this style shoe tends to be very narrow because they’re designed for drivers who have to switch between the pedals a lot so beware if you have wide feet.