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Most of you don’t know me, but you should have a feel for how much I hate all the crap in the fitness industry. What really upsets me is that I was a victim of that crap for a long time. That’s part of the reason I made this site, to prevent others from being victims.

I’ve been in this industry as a consumer and advisor for a long time—20 years now—and I’ve seen my share of good and bad products, and I’ve noticed that the bad products tend to hang around and the good manufacturers struggle. Think about it, if you’re sponsoring professional athletes, buying 50 pages of advertising in each of 20 different magazines and paying for all the overhead to sustain it, and you need to turn a profit, what would you do? You’d find a way to eliminate the least important part of the process, which in the business world is quality.

I can tell that most of the huge brands in the magazines, the ones buying up 10 pages in a row so they can release a special report and make it look like an article, care only about selling. If they can sell crap, they’ll sell crap. If it’s loaded with too much arsenic or cadmium—read this consumer report and this chart—or if the powder’s loaded with plastics that give false positives as proteins, they don’t care. They need to sell it, they need big profits and buying boatloads of crap protein powders from China is damn cheap.

Talk about crap. About eight years back when the industry was first dominated by Chinese sources, I noticed a change. Without knowing why, I began getting bloated, having diarrhea and didn’t recover from my workouts as well. I couldn’t gain weight because every time I had a shake, everything blasted through me like greased maple syrup. If I skipped my shakes for a few days, all was fine. Once I went back on the shakes the chocolate thunder reemerged.

The diarrhea was the worst part. I literally planned all my outings to orbit around an acceptable bathroom for emergencies, and no one invited me to parties at their house more than once. I’m pretty sure people referred to me as The Destroyer behind my back. Fed up, I hunted for a new source for my protein. By luck, I stumbled on Protein Factory.

Protein Factory (PF) claims to sell the highest quality products, but so does everyone else. What intrigued after receiving my first order was their simple labeling. You buy a bag of Whey Isolate, the ingredients say Whey Isolate, not some proprietary blend of soy isolate, hydrolyzed collagen, whey concentrate with a little whey isolate thrown in for show.

Guess what happened: no more bloat, no more diarrhea, no more stagnant body weight. I recovered quickly. I felt great. I even recaptured my social life (although it took some convincing that I would blow apart anybody’s toilet). I’ve used PF for well over 2 years now because they earned my trust.

Once they had my trust, I started experimenting with their Custom Protein Factory. I can combine different ratios of the highest quality proteins to implement protocols I’d found in the research, which is impossible trying to use big-name brands. After I had these blends refined and was confident in their performance, I contacted PF to see about having my custom blends available pre-made so everyone can benefit. Alex, the president, agreed and we established the Dangerously Hardcore™ Protein Series.

Using Protein Factory Products, I help clients turn their bodies into works of art

What you once knew as Blend 1 is now Blend D: Daylong Muscle Accelerator. Blend 2 is now Blend H: Hypertrophic Intensifier. I reformulated both for cost effectiveness and potency. Although Blend H might seem expensive, it’s cheaper than most big brands and it’s the real deal, plus you only use a serving after lifting. Blend D’s price for the quality and results is unbeatable.

In these blends, I did not include Leucine or carbs. Leucine would have increased the price and you may not want to take Leucine with each shake to save a little money. I understand that. Luckily, PF now sells one of the highest quality pure Leucine powders available: Anjinomoto L-Leucine.

I excluded carbs from Blend H because you may be on a low-carb diet, such as Carb Nite® and then you’d be shit-out-of-luck. Plus it gives you options for your carb powder. I use rilose from PF. You may prefer PF’s Oatmuscle to help replenish glycogen stores while Carb Back-Loading™.

Like I’ve said in my other posts, don’t trust me. Try it yourself. Even if you don’t use the DH Series of protein powders, you will not beat PF quality. You can count on it, almost as much as you can count on me not being a nice guy.


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