DH Protein Series by Protein Factory

Most of you don’t know me, but you should have a feel for how much I hate all the crap in the fitness industry. What really upsets me is that I was a victim of that crap for a long time. That’s part of the reason I made this site, to prevent others from being victims.

I’ve been in this industry as a consumer and advisor for a long time—20 years now—and I’ve seen my share of good and bad products, and I’ve noticed that the bad products tend to hang around and the good manufacturers struggle. Think about it, if you’re sponsoring professional athletes, buying 50 pages of advertising in each of 20 different magazines and paying for all the overhead to sustain it, and you need to turn a profit, what would you do? You’d find a way to eliminate the least important part of the process, which in the business world is quality.

I can tell that most of the huge brands in the magazines, the ones buying up 10 pages in a row so they can release a special report and make it look like an article, care only about selling. If they can sell crap, they’ll sell crap. If it’s loaded with too much arsenic or cadmium—read this consumer report and this chart—or if the powder’s loaded with plastics that give false positives as proteins, they don’t care. They need to sell it, they need big profits and buying boatloads of crap protein powders from China is damn cheap.

Talk about crap. About eight years back when the industry was first dominated by Chinese sources, I noticed a change. Without knowing why, I began getting bloated, having diarrhea and didn’t recover from my workouts as well. I couldn’t gain weight because every time I had a shake, everything blasted through me like greased maple syrup. If I skipped my shakes for a few days, all was fine. Once I went back on the shakes the chocolate thunder reemerged.

The diarrhea was the worst part. I literally planned all my outings to orbit around an acceptable bathroom for emergencies, and no one invited me to parties at their house more than once. I’m pretty sure people referred to me as The Destroyer behind my back. Fed up, I hunted for a new source for my protein. By luck, I stumbled on Protein Factory.

Protein Factory (PF) claims to sell the highest quality products, but so does everyone else. What intrigued after receiving my first order was their simple labeling. You buy a bag of Whey Isolate, the ingredients say Whey Isolate, not some proprietary blend of soy isolate, hydrolyzed collagen, whey concentrate with a little whey isolate thrown in for show.

Guess what happened: no more bloat, no more diarrhea, no more stagnant body weight. I recovered quickly. I felt great. I even recaptured my social life (although it took some convincing that I would blow apart anybody’s toilet). I’ve used PF for well over 2 years now because they earned my trust.

Once they had my trust, I started experimenting with their Custom Protein Factory. I can combine different ratios of the highest quality proteins to implement protocols I’d found in the research, which is impossible trying to use big-name brands. After I had these blends refined and was confident in their performance, I contacted PF to see about having my custom blends available pre-made so everyone can benefit. Alex, the president, agreed and we established the Dangerously Hardcore™ Protein Series.

Using Protein Factory Products, I help clients turn their bodies into works of art

What you once knew as Blend 1 is now Blend D: Daylong Muscle Accelerator. Blend 2 is now Blend H: Hypertrophic Intensifier. I reformulated both for cost effectiveness and potency. Although Blend H might seem expensive, it’s cheaper than most big brands and it’s the real deal, plus you only use a serving after lifting. Blend D’s price for the quality and results is unbeatable.

In these blends, I did not include Leucine or carbs. Leucine would have increased the price and you may not want to take Leucine with each shake to save a little money. I understand that. Luckily, PF now sells one of the highest quality pure Leucine powders available: Anjinomoto L-Leucine.

I excluded carbs from Blend H because you may be on a low-carb diet, such as Carb Nite® and then you’d be shit-out-of-luck. Plus it gives you options for your carb powder. I use rilose from PF. You may prefer PF’s Oatmuscle to help replenish glycogen stores while Carb Back-Loading™.

Like I’ve said in my other posts, don’t trust me. Try it yourself. Even if you don’t use the DH Series of protein powders, you will not beat PF quality. You can count on it, almost as much as you can count on me not being a nice guy.


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  • ADTS

    Everyone is claiming “whole foods” now instead of processed junk with HFCS and Hydrogonated oils, so why not go out and get yourself some “whole protein” like they sell at Protein Factory.

    Like Kiefer said, the big manufacturers will let you down more often than not. They give a shit about profits, not quality.

    Protein Factory doesn’t waste shit loads of money on packaging, branding, advertisements and paid(fake) testimonials. So they can give you quality ingredients at a fair price.

    This may sound like I work for them, but I’m just a loyal customer for the last year and a half.

  • rjvsmb

    Kiefer, thanks for all of the information and sited research you provide us.

    Now, for us a.m. trainees, can you formulate the non-carb PWO drink? I know you covered it your articles, but you spoke in terms of grams for each nutrient but at PF have to build by percentages of each.


  • Matt

    I first heard about PF on Brian’s log at EFS. The first and only protein I’ve been able to use that didn’t cause the GI side effects that Keifer so eloquently described.

  • JustinAnderson

    I’ve been an intermittent PF customer for about 7 years or so. I’ve never had any reason to complain about Alex’s products in all that time. I do much of my purchasing from TP, largely because of their frequent newsletter specials and my discount code, though. Will definitely give these two blends a shot through Alex next time.

  • Adam R

    hey kiefer, i saw on this site the other day a protein blend that carb sensitive people could take. i am that person. i have a VERY hard time NOT gaining fat. i am trying to try out your system. i’m kinda peicing things together and trying to understand. i get to the gym around 1:30-2:00 pm. that’s the best i can do. the schedule works well, but the diet stuff is a little fuzzy. no food at all before training, or just protein only (like scrambled eggs around noon)? i love coffee, so that’s no problem. i’m loving sleeping in. i haven’t felt this rested in years. need more info bro. it’s a big question i know, but i don’t see you pushing any gimmicks, so you have earned my respect. i really wanna give this a go, but i gotta know what to do. can you help a brother out? any info you are willing to give (or link me to) would help.

    • Kiefer

      @Adam R: Just no carbs before training (fiber doesn’t count as a carb), so fibrous veggies, meat, cheeses, oils, eggs, etc.

  • rjvsmb


    Ok, after re-reading Carb Back-Loading articles, I realize my original post was…ill informed.

    Let me re-ask. If I add lucein and creatine to blend #2 (sans the rilose), will it meet the PWO cocktail requirements you outlined in “Back Loading: Follow-up” for us a.m. meatheads?


    • Kiefer

      @Rob: Yes, sans the rilose, that will work fine for post workout. Actually, as my schedule’s been all over the place and I’ve been forced to train in the morning, my post-workout shake is exactly what you’ve listed here.


    Kiefer, recommendations for flavor, sweetener, aminogen, muscle cocktail, vits and mins? thanks

    • Kiefer

      @PDouglas: I use vanilla, splenda, aminogen for Blend D and nothing else in my blends (no muscle cocktail or vits and mins so I can control the timing of these separately).

  • Fish

    Kiefer, I picked up some rilose, but didnt find this article till after, it discredits the product put out by proteinfactory.com just wondering what you think about it


    • Kiefer

      @Fish: There’s really nothing to discredit the product in the rant. What they state about dextrose and maltodextrin is true in terms of absorption and they’re spot on with cellulose and other digestion-resistant starches, but none of this discredits the use of the product. I admit that sometimes Protein Factory gets their descriptions wrong and uses the wrong language.

      Rilose does absorb quickly. It’s cheap and I tolerate it well, as do most people who use it. It doesn’t seem to absorb quite as fast as dextrose or maltodextrin (this is based on personal experience), preventing potential hypoglycemia if you do not ingest enough post-trainig. I try to stay on the lower-end of post-workout carbs most of the time, and I find I can be a little more sloppier with the amount of rilose I use than with maltodextrin. If you prefer maltodextrin or dextrose (which is pure glucose), then by all means, use them, plus it will cut your cost in half. I will continue using rilose.

  • Fish

    Thanks for the quick response, I miss-spoke when I said discredited, but just wanted to see your opinion on the article. Im sitting on 20 lbs of it, hahah, so I will no doubt make use of it all. I have a hard time identifying intricate differences when it comes to diets and how they affect me, just one of those people not at all tuned in to their own emotions//physical awareness, but Im sure it will get the job done. Thanks again.

  • wolfeman

    Just thought i would chime in for any readers from the UK. Protein Factory are great for US, but Myprotein.co.uk are spot on for your protein needs in the uk. The prices are fair and like protein factory dont waste money on unnecesary crap.
    I have been using their products for 2 years now and trust them completely.

  • http://stronglifts.com/forum/swartz77-s-training-log-t26487.html swartz77

    Does anyone know if it’s ok to mix Blend D with coffee? I’m concerned about the diuretic effect of caffeine and that I might be literally pissing money and muscle away.

  • Kiefer

    @Swartz: Caffeine with Blend D is fine. You aren’t pissing money away, only water and salts. Plus the industry has blown the diuretic effect of caffeine way out of proportion.

  • Matt C

    You should have hooked up with Abbott
    only about $50 a pound!

  • PR1042

    Just got my order in

    In the ingredients list that comes with the order, it shows H and D as having the same ingredients of:

    Hydro 1400
    Hydro 520
    Ion Exchange Isolate

    Do you think it’s just a typing error?

    • Kiefer

      @PR1042: I would contact Protein Factory and let them know. You’re the first person to report this problem, so I’m guessing PF might have screwed up. They have great customer service and will correct the situation posthaste.

  • joha31

    I may have missed this in the articles but I was curious what is ideal to mix the two protein drinks with? Water? Milk? Skim? Thanks again.

  • jvogel20

    This may be a dumb question, but do these come with scoops?

  • joha31

    Mine did not. They come in a heavy duty ziplock bag but not scoop. I think you can select an option to upgrade to a jug and scoop.

  • AJ

    I just received my order and it also indicates that Blends H and D contain the same ingredients. Does anyone have a response from Protein Factory on this (since I can’t reach them until tomorrow morning)?

  • http://www.themusclestudio.com Ric

    I just talked to Protein Factory and they stated the error is just on the nutrition label and that the blends were all shipped correctly. They can email you the correct nutrition labels if you contact them. Their email and phone number are easily found on their website.

  • brandon

    I know you have said its best to wait for approximately 30 – 60 min to have a post workout shake. Do you see any merit in the Biotest supplements such as surge workout fuel (carbs) and mag 10 (casein hydrolysate) immedietely prior to and during working out or is it a waste to be consuming anything in that earlier time frame? Thank you for all the great information you post.

  • Tyson


    I’d be interested in your response to Lyle McDonald and Alan Aragon’s opinion of hydrolyzed proteins (esp. hydrolyzed casein a la Mag 10/Anaconda/Peptopro). The primary literature they cite can be found here:

    Deglaire et al. Hydrolyzed dietary casein as compared with the intact protein reduces postprandial peripheral, but not whole-body, uptake of nitrogen in humans. Am J Clin Nutr. (2009) 90(4):1011-22.

    Without rehashing the entire study or the evaluation thereof, I’ll cut and paste from Lyle’s commentary (Aragon comes to the same conclusions).

    “Here’s what the study found. Over the time course studied (8 hours after ingestion), the hydrolyzed casein product showed greater losses from digestion (that is, less was absorbed). As well, a greater amount of the hydrolysate was oxidized for energy through deamination (a process by which the amino group is stripped off the carbon backbone). Finally, a larger amount of the casein hydrolysate was used by the splanchnic bed (gut and intestines) with significantly less of the total protein reaching the bloodstream or peripheral tissues (muscles).”

    And his final comments:

    “Summing up: Hydrolysates are not only not superior to intact protein in terms of providing amino acids to skeletal muscle, they are distinctly inferior. Their fast digestion speed leads to greater digestive losses, more oxidation via deamination and provides less amino acids to skeletal muscle. That’s on top of tasting like vomit. Or at least making you want to.”

    I know you are probably aware of these opinions and this research as you seem to be a relatively thorough researcher and all around astute fellow. McDonald, in particular uses several other lines of evidence to further discredit the “hydrolyzed fad” as little more than supplement marketing but I think this is plenty for a first post. I can promise you that this is not meant to be inflammatory in any way but rather a jumping off point for discussion. Let’s keep it civil gentlemen.

  • http://www.bodyflexfit.com debkaplan

    HI Kiefer,
    I’m still waking up late at 1030-11am and heading out to gym at around 12 or 1230. I’m taking blend D right before(about 30 minutes after I wake up) without carbs, but with almonds. After my workout I’ve been having blend H with some rilose and some japanese yam. I’ve done my cardio also. Should I NOT be using rilose? And on my long bike ride days is it OK to use it post ride with Blend H for recovery?
    I have about 3lbs of rilose. If you think I should stick to real food carbs then I can pass it along to you.
    I’m not that heavy on the carbs, even after my evening swim. But I want my heavy weight workouts to build as much muscle as I can. Is rilose OK for me to use?


  • joha31

    Hi Keifer,
    Thanks for all of the great information. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start adding olive oil to my blends? If so which blends would be best? I was thinking the shakes before the session to up my healthy fats but would it be good to add to the before bed shake? Just curious.

  • h

    to anyone with experience,

    how much water does it take to dissolve:
    blend h – 60g (52gprotein)
    rilose- 100g (is that the recommended amount for post-workout)

    do i want sweetener with blend-h? (assuming i’m always adding rilose)


  • mark

    Blend H has soy, doesn’t that completely kill the point of consuming protein as you wrote in your Tnation article??

    • kiefer

      The ingredient list for Blend H is as follows:

      45% Ion Exchange Whey Isolate
      20% Hydrolyzed 1400
      5% Hydrolyzed 520
      30% PeptoPro

      I don’t know where you see “soy” in there.

  • mark

    Under supplement facts the ingredient list has what you mentioned, then soy lecithin at the end…

    • kiefer

      Soy lecithin is an emulsifier (oil) extracted from soy and from many other plants as well. Trypsin not included.

  • mark

    Guess I got you on that one?

  • AJ

    Hi Kiefer, I was listening to your interview with SeanHyson and I was wondering if you could upgrade your recommendations on your blends, since it seems they have changed. Thanks bro and keep up the good info.

  • tarius729

    Hey Kiefer, i wonder what you might think of this article i stumbled upon:
    Lots of references cited. They are claiming that most sources if casein are bad and Casein Hydrolystate is an inferior protein isolate.
    what do you think?

    • tarius729

      errr *claiming that most sources OF casein are bad… thanks!

  • Spenser

    if I buy blend D will one serving work for Density Bulking or just Strength Accumulation