Gender Wars: 3 Exercises For Muscular Calves

So what body parts do women like in guys? In this video, Alex covers one of the more neglected areas of a guy’s body: The Calves. And we’ve got you covered on how to improve them with these 3 Exercises for Muscular Calves.


Transcribed Version:

Hey everyone. Alex Navarro with and I’m here today with the second Episode of Gender Wars.

For those of you who didn’t watch Kiefer’s first video on glutes, we’re a little bit of a war here to see who can get the most likes, shares, tweets about our videos. I think I gave them a pretty good head start by adding in some images of my own to help with his video. So, I really need you guys’ help. Fellows, ladies – if you know anybody who needs some work on this next muscle group, pass it along.

Now I ask a lot of girl friends around about what body parts they found sexy in men. It was a little of all over the board. But there is one muscle that really stood out. It’s the one that seems to be neglected the most. So I’m pretty sure that you can guess what that is – calves. It’s very disappointing for a girl – and I’ve had a lot of experience with this – to see a really attractive guy in the gym with great shoulders, broad chest, chiseled abs… and I scan him up and down, and I’m disappointed with those calves. There’s no excuse for skinny, wimpy looking calves. So what I have for you here today are three exercises that you can do to help shape nice sexy calves.

The first one is the Seated Calf Raise. Your goal here is to exhaust the soleus because if you don’t, when you’re going to do something like the Standing Calf Raise, the gastroc doesn’t do any work. The soleus really takes over. So your goal here is to exhaust it. Exhaust that soleus. You could do that with the Seating Calf Raise.

So what you are going to do as you can see, Kiefer here doing – you want to situate yourself so that your knees are a little less than a 90 degree angle. You want: a deep stretch at the bottom, take a little pause, and then explode up into the motion. Your goal for this to get to a hundred reps. If you can’t get up to a hundred, say you get thirty, forty, take a little rest – maybe thirty seconds – and then try to finish your hundred. If you can’t get past thirty on those first tries, then you probably have too much weight.

Your second exercise is going to be the Angled Calf Press. Now your goal here is to have your hips about 90 degrees, as you can see in the image. And you want to lock out your knees. So you want to engage your quads a little bit and that’s going to put the deepest contraction and you’ll get the greatest recruitment of your gastroc. Deep stretch at the bottom, take that little pause, and then explode up into the motion. Now if you can take a lot of weight, you might want to ease up on the locking of the knees just to protect those tendons and will continue the motion.

Now the last move which I honestly have never seen anybody do in the gym except for myself is the Tibialis Raise. Now the tibialis raise is key in helping to achieve that fit full look in the calves. And I highly suggest you guys give it a try at home or at the gym. The easiest way to do it is to have a seat bring out whichever leg you want to do first, a little bit in front of you, not quite all the way straight and you’re going to hold a plate or dumbbell on top of your foot and you’re going to lift up that foot. You’re going to flex that foot. You want to make sure that you don’t bend or straighten the knee during the motion. Otherwise, then your leg is just doing the work. It’s a nice flexion of the foot. And what you can also do is – if you’re having trouble feeling that, is you can actually place your hand, the opposite hand, then the one holding your dumbbell in, place it on that tibialis for a little touch activation so you could really feel that recruit.

These three moves are guaranteed to help get nice shapely calves. The order is important and if you want a little bit more information, you can go and check out Kiefer’s Calf Workout. I can say from experience – it’s brutal. And I suggest you probably do it on a day where it’s just calves because if you tag it on to a leg work out, you might need a piggy back out of the gym or crutches to get out of your car.

I’ll see you guys next time. I’m Alex with