Gender Wars: 3 Back Exercises for Sexy Back Muscles

In this Gender Wars video, Alex Navarro makes a confession about love handles and gives exercise tips on how to improve your back in Gender Wars: 3 Back Exercises for Sexy Back Muscles.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everyone. I’m Alex Navarro with, bringing you another episode of the Gender Wars.

Now, I have a confession to make. I love “love handles.” Now, I’m not talking about love handles. I’m talking about a nice pair of lats, and that’s just one muscle. And our next group of muscles that we’re going to talk about today that women find attractive on men, which is a nice back. I’m going to give you three exercises that help develop a nice back.

The first one is the popular pull-up. Now the goal of the pull-up is to pull yourself up. If you want a nice wide back – those nice lats to pop out – you need to have a wide grip. And you can see Kiefer here doing pull-ups the right way. You want to start with the dead hang, a nice wide grip, you want to lead with your chest with your chin up, scoop those elbows behind your back as you pull yourself up ‘til your chin gets into the bar. You want to avoid swinging at all costs. You want the movement to be nice, smooth and controlled.

Now, if you can’t do a real pull-up, you can also try doing them on the assisted pulling machine. You can have a friend help you out or you can also go attempt to do some lat pull-downs on the cable machine. Do not try kipping because kipping just reinforces those rounded shoulders and does not help develop the good back muscles that we’re looking for here.

Our next exercise is the bent-over row which is a great exercise ‘cause it recruits just about every muscle in the back. You want to come down to about a ninety-degree angle, you’re holding the bar about shoulder-width apart, you want your neutral spine, your neck straight, knees can be slightly bent, you want to pinch those shoulder blades and pull that bar into your torso, nice and subtly. What you want to avoid doing is rounding at your back and throwing the weight around.

Our next exercise is the very popular dumbbell shrug. Now this is an exercise that I’ve never been a fan of mostly because it causes this awkward lip curl thing to happen and I refer to it as the Elvis move to my clients because I can’t help but do that little lip curl every time I do the shrugs. But, it’s a very effective exercise for developing those upper traps. Now, if you’re one of those people who are afraid that by doing shrugs you might develop that no-neck look, don’t be afraid because it takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve that look. And unless it’s what you’re going for, I wouldn’t worry about it. So, I would definitely incorporate those dumbbell shrugs into your back program.

Now, I hope you found these tips helpful and you’re eager to try one of these moves in your next back routine. To get that nice, rounded, wide taper-look from the lats, nice developed traps and work those rhomboids that you can stand up tall, have a great posture and confidence when you walk around.

Now, the only problem I see from having a nice developed back is finding clothes that fit and that show off that nice tapered torso. But, that’s the least of your problems.  I still suggest that you incorporate these moves into your next workout routine.

I’ll see you guys next time. I’m Alex Navarro with