Can Nicotine Safely Burn Fat and Build Muscle? The Surprising Facts

WARNING: This article isn’t for the general public. It’s definitely, unequivocally not. I wouldn’t tell you to run your daily driver on pure ethanol formulated for Grand Prix racing, so if you’re already happy riding around in that Honda Civic body of yours, more power to you. This post, however, is for fire-breathing monsters—not necessarily race cars, but the Lamborghinis and Bugattis of the world seeking a balance between ultra-performance, aesthetics, and longevity. Proceed with caution here. Treacherous Turns Ahead.

Don’t tell me you just “train to be strong,” because I’ll know you’re lying. As people who train our asses off, we’re all constantly looking to accelerate the fat burning process while we add muscle. Nobody wants to spend hours in the gym, benching 315 for reps, before hitting the nightclub in a muumuu.

Trouble is, all the so-called “good stuff” that physique competitors use and abuse is kept hidden away from the public as a result of an unspoken code of silence. They’re also illegal. The law says you can’t take fat-burners like clenbuterol, albuterol and ephedrine anymore. This, however, may not be a bad thing, because research has shown that they’re not quite as effective as the bodybuilding world makes them out to be.

These fat-burners all target fat cells in the same way. Adrenaline uses particular receptors on fat cells to make them dump their fat load and empty out. The three I mentioned above target fat cells either by causing a release of adrenaline, or by using the same receptors as adrenaline.

They’ll stop working if you use them long enough. That’s because after a while, your cells become immune to catecholamines in general—which means they become immune to the effects of adrenaline. You develop a sort of “adrenaline diabetes,” where these fat burners stop doing what they’re supposed to do[1-4].

There is, however, a surprising—and highly controversial solution: nicotine.


Update: Learn more here.


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  • Aaron Anderson

    Is there any chance of forming some sort of addiction? I’ve never had any sort of Nicotine in my life.

    • Marc David

      I thought the same. Nicotine and Caffeine are both addicting no? Same chance as getting addicted to that as drinking coffee for the caffeine.

      • Aaron Anderson

        I don’t think it’s fair to say “same chance” – they are not the same thing.

        • Moose

          Well they are both Stimulants, so they could be considered same chance.

    • David Schroer

      Kiefer mentions that Smokers can take anywhere from 40-60mg of Nictoine per day, that is where the whole Nicotine is addictive mind-frame comes into play. Though Nicotine IS addictive (Caffeine is too) developing an addiction at these low amounts is possible but not likely and as someone who has been using Nicotine as a ‘nootropic’ for sometime now have not experienced any sort of ‘withdrawal’ symptoms or woke up saying ‘damn wheres my gum’.

      Hope this tidys you over till Kiefer or anyone ‘basically anyone is more qualified than I’ can speak further on this. -Dave S

    • DHKiefer

      Addiction, if you follow the prescription will not be a problem. Realize that most people who form heavy addictions ingest between 20 to 60 mg per day. I would never recommend such high doses for therapeutic use.

  • Brennan

    Fantastic article and information like always Kiefer. I have tried experimenting with nicotine about 3-4 months ago after you mentioned it in the forums but did not get great results likely because I took it in the morning and also with my night backloads. That was likely my problem, and I also was taking 2mg doses 4 times a day.

  • mrjiggyfly21

    Fantastic article/protocol! The only question I’m left with now is whether chewing a piece of nicotine gum in the morning is enough to keep mTOR stimulated sufficiently if you’re daily routine typically consists of a 16 hour “fast”.

    The way that my routine has been (mostly due to work) is that I finish my last meal of the day around 11pm, chew a piece of nicotine gum around 7am, have some coffee with a tbsp of MCT oil at ~11am the next morning, and then have my first actual meal at ~3pm. So far, I haven’t noticed any muscle loss of any sort with my current routine. That being said (and don’t hate me for this, please), I don’t particularly enjoy coffee and pretty much have to choke down coconut/MCT oil however I decide to have it. So my question is: would chewing a piece of nicotine gum in the morning provide enough stimulation to mTOR to allow me to cut the coffee/MCT while still maintaining the 16 hour fast?

  • Kenneth Yim

    you do just cut up a 2 mg gum in half to get the 1mg dose?

    • Aaron Anderson

      I was wondering the same thing. I did a search on Amazon for gum and the smallest dose was 2mg

      • DHKiefer

        I just bite a 2mg piece in half (I get the generic brand where the pieces are oblong which makes it easier) and chew one half with a piece of regular sugar free gum in the morning and the other half after lunch.

  • Avo13

    Does it have to be gum or can be like a mint?

    • DHKiefer

      Lozenges work fine, although some people using them complained of an upset stomach when using them on an empty stomach.

  • Daryl

    Just to be clear, is coffee with MCT/coconut oil still okay? Or should we just drink the coffee black and chew the gum?

    • DHKiefer

      The MCT/coconut oil is okay.

      • Evan Peterson

        What about heavy whipping cream and Splenda?

      • sam

        So can we essentially add nicotine to our AM accelerator?

  • Steve

    Very good read and information as usual. I may experiment with this a little at some point

  • Brennan

    How would this nicotine protocol work with yohimbine in the morning? As I believe, yohimbine targets alpha receptors in fat cells so would it provide a two edged sword of sorts?

    • DHKiefer

      I’m still not convinced on yohimbine…It’s failed to show any positive effects more than it’s shown that it’s useful. So, the best I can say is to experiment with it.

  • Brian

    so if you’re doing CBL and doing carbs the night BEFORE training, when would you chew?

    • DHKiefer

      If you’re doing carbs the night before training, I would do 1mg that morning (of your back load), 1mg the next morning and 1 mg immediately before training.

      • FishM

        What about doing Carbs the night after training? Would you suggest the same method? I usually backload the nights I train. Thanks!

        • DHKiefer

          I would keep the nicotine concentrated around the early morning hours if you’re back loading on the night of your training.

          • FishM

            Thanks Kiefer. I will get a pack this week. Ill be starting the nicotine with the Shockwave protocol (jacked). Keep up the good work. Ive been using CBL for about 5-6 weeks now and have been making some great progress.

  • steffen vinther sørensen

    I would certainly not EVER consider using the worst true-chemical-addiction substance I ever been intimate with, just for boosting my fat-burn a little. That stuff IS NOT harmless in small quantities, and only very few individuals can go free from forming an extremely unpleasent habbit.

    • DHKiefer

      The science doesn’t support your opinion. And, also, caffeine addiction rates are far worse and the mechanisms are identical. Do you drink coffee? If so, you’re an addict. Stop.

      • hidetaga yahiko

        ur a moron stop..jus doin a marketing for smthinf for stop..

  • Sean Tomaszewski

    So if you plan on running it for 8 weeks should you only use one dose a day EOD, or would you be able to get away with two doses?

    • DHKiefer

      Easily get away with two doses per day.

  • Gdsun

    What is your opinion if the gum contains ace-k?

    • DHKiefer

      Not a concern if you stick with this protocol that specifies a precise amount.

  • zenlifter

    hmmm what about chewing tobacco (or dip) too much nic in it?

    • DHKiefer

      Well, since you’re using the entire tobacco leaf, which has about 6000 potentially carcinogenic substances, you run the risk of cancer. I would not recommend chewing tobacco.

      • zenlifter

        ah ok i thought many of those substances were caused by the burning of the tobacco. I’m probably misinformed.

  • tarius729

    what about any possible insulin response due to the sugar alcohols or alt sweeteners in the sugar free gum?

    • DHKiefer

      Minimal and not worth worrying about unless you’re going crazy with the gum, in which case, you’ll cause bigger problems worth worrying about.

  • disqus_vwABheUBiL

    The transisent insulin resistance has me a little worried. Isn’t that a bad thing?

    • DHKiefer

      Yes, if you’re on a carbohydrate-based diet. That’s why I explicitly say that the protocol here is only for Carb Nite or Carb Back-Loading. You could also use nicotine with any strictly ketogenic diet.

      • charles642

        So what happens if you have nicotine before having carbs??

  • kcarolhxw

    Is it true not to drink coffee 15 min before/after chewing, because liquids might affect absorbancy? And what about absorbance of nicotine? I’ve heard that from 2 mg gum, only about 1 mg gets absorbed.

  • Ryan

    Posted on twitter but still can’t see the rest of the article?

  • Moose

    Are they’re any Heart issues that people will be exposed to if taking in nicotine?

    • DHKiefer

      None showing in the research from low dosage, intermittent use. This is not something I would adopt for a lifetime, however.

      • Daniel

        What exactly is “low dosage”?

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  • Nathan

    How long does the gum extend your fasting window, while keeping MTOR pathways open?

    • DHKiefer

      Don’t extend your fasting window past 12 hours ever if you can avoid it, with or without nicotine gum. All the potential benefit you can get from fasting ends within roughly 8 to 10 hours. An extra 2 to 4 hours may not hurt anything, but it’s not useful beyond ingesting a ketogenic diet.

      • Molly

        So sleeping for 8-10 hours is fasting enough? Also, Will this work for women and do you need to work out for this to work?

  • Brian

    was doing some last minute shopping at kmart, and stumbled upon the most random assortment of clearance items in the far back corner in sporting goods. picked up 3 100 pc packages of nicorette at ten bucks a piece. saved $120 off retail. just a heads up for everyone

  • Nathan

    How does this work if your a 6am trainer using CNS and are using the recent protocol of a banana and shake after training? Would a piece of gum intefere with the insulin spike you would get post workout especially if you add in leucine?

  • Richard LaRouche

    As a 15 yr smoker I can say I packed on 15 lbs 6 months after quitting. it took me 30 tries to quit. I will never go back. 1 yr clean come Feb. I could care less what the science says. from my personal experience and I rolled my own nicotine is highly addictive it only takes one it will completely screw up your life for the rest of your life. I’ve had my blood panels done. I’m 37 and um developing organ failures due to smoking. I’m under going a lot of trial and error testing to fix me it suxs

    • Richard LaRouche

      Excuse the miss spelling

  • josh

    Hi Kiefer, in the CNS book you say you must absolutely avoid sweeteners like mannitol, maltitol etc but however these are present in the nicotine gum available in my country, is the benefit of using nicotine gum greater than having the sweeteners?

  • Walker Bolton

    Kiefer how would you recommend adapting this protocol to somehow who does fasted early morning training on CBL?

  • Ryan

    I work in tobacco cessation and thought it would be worthwhile to mention that you do not chew nicotine gum like normal gum. You should only chew it for 20-30 seconds and park the gum between your cheek and jaw. The nicotine should be absorbed through your cheek lining. If you’re chewing it the whole time all your going to do is swallow the nicotine and upset your stomach.

    • DHKiefer

      Interesting. Thank you for that information. I was not aware of this.

      • Marnee

        It’s in the directions on the package.

  • kcarolhxw

    Can you PLEASE get an update on this article that harmonizes the conflicting advice between the protocol mentioned here and your video?

    Why are you recommending morning nicotine even without training if they’re going to eat carbs that night, even though you explicitly just said NO in this article?!

  • ram956

    For all the people talking shit about the use of nicotine for fat loss, Kiefer’s website is called DANGEROUSLY HARDCORE.

  • John Coleman

    Tweeted it but the full article didn’t come through. What do I need to do?

  • NoSkinnies

    Wow! As an ex-smoker who still chews nicotine gum and sucks on lozenges I loved reading this post! LOL Question though – how much are you recommending per day?

  • Joe Herrera

    I’ve shared the article twice on twitter and once on FB and still locked. I’d lose this app if I were you guys.

  • Keith K.

    The article is not unlocking, what’s the deal?

  • Rick Raymond

    I can access the full article . I have tried 2 computers multiple browsers ect. I have wasted half an hour fiddling with this social share plug in trying to get the full article . I would much rather just pay 2 bucks for the article than all this screwing around.

  • Rick Raymond

    I can’t access the full article . I have tried 2 computers multiple browsers ect. I have wasted half an hour fiddling with this social share plug in trying to get the full article . I would much rather just pay 2 bucks for the article than all this screwing around.

  • J_bush442

    Where the fuck is the rest of the article? I tweeted it and nothing past the shit above the “Tweet or Share on FB Now to see the rest”. What kind of shit shenanigans is this?

    • therealjeaniebeanie

      This article links to an ad for an ebook for $49.95.

  • gorana

    I wish I could read the rest of the article…

    But all your concerns about getting addicted to nicotine by chewing gum is funny to me! As an ex-smoker (I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day for about 7 years) I can only say that the whole addiction thing had nothing to do with the nicotine (in my case). When I had decided to quit the only thing I missed for a few weeks was actually the act of smoking/holding the cigarette in my hand and taking a break ;)! I think most people get addicted to the act of smoking rather than nicotine…

  • R.J. Renolds

    nicotine is NOT addictive.

    • Brandon J. Lutz

      Exactly. It’s the marketing strategies that make anything with nicotine more addicting.

  • Raffael

    Hey Kiefer, I’ve also heard of nicotine being a natural aromatase inhibitor. This may be another beneficial aspect of nicotine that would decrease estrogen. What are your thoughts on this?

  • DavidMaziuk

    I’ve tweeted and liked on G+, how do I see the full article?

  • Meh

    oh what a surprise, the article disappears now that you have a book to sell

  • Timothy Joshua Ambat

    So…I could vape (avid vaper…quit smoking by switching to vaping e-liquids), and use that as a fat burner!? awesome.

  • Zero Kazama

    Do you sleep well selling this shit?

    • Zero Kazama

      *specifically in this misleading fashion?

  • Domenic Di Lallo

    My visceral fat levels rocketed in September ’17 about 2 weeks after I began taking Nardil, an MAOI. For reasons unrelated to the claims in this article, I’ve been using nicotine spray and chewing the gum for several months and my weight has remained unchanged. Anybody?