The Return…

It’s been a long time since my last post—a very long time. An injury took me out of the gym for just about 3 months. This was not your run–of–the–mill injury; this was ripping your abdomen apart while doing bent-over rows with 375. Ouch.

But, I think, the injury is behind me as well as my 242 pound body weight. During my recovery, I did what most high school and college athletes do after leaving their prospective sport. I got fat. I’ve gotta say, I was rather disgusted with myself, looking in the mirror staring at my flabby gut, nascent man-boobs, and flaccid lumps that used to be my rounded, human-steel muscle.

And so, now, we have reached the return. I am back in the gym. My diet is strict, dialed in and clean (using the diet I invented, Carb Nite®). About 90% of the excess fat is gone and I’m back to 10% body fat, headed down to 8. I’m off the cardio equipment and back with the weights. The iron feels heavy, but gets lighter with each day in the gym. The tear in my abdomen annoys me, but it’s tolerable, and I’m still cautious to pull too much weight from the floor or squat with knee-breaking loads, but as I beat my core into submission, build a thick column of abs, serratus, obliques and erectors, the weight will come.

What about Dangerously Hardcore? Dangerously Hardcore has also returned. Continuing on past articles, I’ll present cutting edge, goal-thrashing training and diet techniques, answer questions and rant about the inane training methods infecting our gyms. I’m back on the hardcore trail, but I’m going to save the dangerous part for my blogs and for my training in the future…the near future.