Workout Log

Working out sucks: at least, that’s what I always think as I drag my sorry ass to the gym after taking an involuntary and lengthy hiatus. In such situations, I should be ecstatic, and if I had left the gym in what has become average shape in this country—weak and fat—then I probably would feel the same excitement returning to the gym after a month layoff as after a single-day layoff.

The workout is not what sucks. What causes me such angst is the embarrassment of coming back weak—at least weaker than I was. That’s why, thus far, despite lifting for the last couple of months, I neglected to post my workouts. I’m embarrassed to post my lame, rehab lifts.

Shame, however, motivates me—I’m one of the moving away people, rather than moving toward: I go on vacation to get away from the city, not because I want to go to the beach. Now is the time to start posting again. My numbers aren’t pathetic, but they’re nowhere near 100%. Exposing how weak I’ve become will only make me conquer the problems holding me back sooner.

Incline DB Press 45×10 65×6 80×5 95×5
120×5 105×4 80×5 40×7
DB Pullover 80×8 70×5 70×5
Dips BWx10 BWx5
Bentover BB rows
(Interspersed with chest 2 heaviest
sets of incline and the 2 sets of dips)
135×10 135×10 135×10 135×10
Cable Side Laterals on Free Motion 7.5×9 7.5×10
Side Lateral Machine 130×6 140×5 160×3
Overhead DB Tri Extension 30×10 80×6 90×5
Alt DB Hammer Curls 55×12 65×4 40×7