Alex Navarro’s Quest for Worlds Domination

Who wouldn’t want to be the best at something if they knew they could? I’ve always been competitive, mostly with myself, but if I have the opportunity and the potential to dominate in something I’m going to go for it.

Three weeks ago I competed with the WBFF at their first West Coast show. Since this was my first time competing with this organization it was difficult to prepare myself accordingly. I’ve been in the competition circuit for quite some time now and I have always been clear about the package that I should bring to the stage, especially when competing with same Federations repeatedly. I always knew how lean to be and how “hard” to come in to any given show.

This time was different. My goal was to bring the best package that I could and hope that was enough to place in the top 5. Well, needless to say, I did better than I imagined: I was honored to receive my Pro Card as a WBFF Bikini Diva.

I really didn’t expect to place as high as I did, knowing that it was rare for a first time competitor to earn their Pro status. I had planned for this show to be my only show this season, under the assumption that I probably wouldn’t earn my Pro card. I merely wanted to try competing with a new organization, one that I had heard such wonderful things about. So when they called my name to take the first place spot and proceeded to announce that I earned my place to compete as a Pro at the WBFF World Championships in Toronto, I knew I had to go.

If I have the chance to compete against the very best, and be a contender, I’m going to go for it.

My prep for this past show was actually quite challenging for me – a mental struggle more than anything else. I’ve always competed in the Fitness category and so along with the prep I did for my physique came the prep I did for my routine. In the past I used the creation and practice of my routine as a timeline to stage. It gave me something to work on every day. As the pieces came together so did my excitement for the competition. This time there was no routine. Competing in bikini meant I didn’t have that extra component to put together and since my training and nutrition program work so well, the prep for my physique was really easy. Too easy.

So I used my posing practice as my outlet to perfect the package I would bring to the stage. The WBFF is all about presentation and a large percentage of your score is on how you present yourself on stage. I practiced my posing after each lifting session (except leg day because walking in those darn heels after squatting more than your body weight is really awkward).

Sexy, soft and smiling…that’s me!

Like I said above, my diet has been a breeze. (I don’ feel comfortable calling it a diet since I never feel like I’m dieting, it’s simply how I eat).  For the last two years I have been a strict Carb Niter. I eat loads of protein from the best sources, like grass-fed beef, a lot of bacon (how can anyone feel like their dieting when bacon can be consumed daily?) and of course there’s the actual Carb Nite®.  Who would have thought I could get away with all-you-can-eat sushi and 1.5 lb chocolate-covered apple fritter two weeks away from a show and still be able to have ice cream just a week before the big event? Awesome, I know.

Following each show I Carb Back-Load for a week or two and indulge in treats that would have previously bloated me like a balloon. After my last show, about 3 weeks ago now, I back-loaded with yummy items like: burgers (with the bun), gelato, sugar cookies, butter cookies, pizza, and panna cotta.  To my pleasant surprise I only got leaner, tighter and my strength was unstoppable – and I actually lost weight.

As for my training, it’s Shockwave Protocol all the way. Who knew that I could be in and out of the gym in half the time, look better and be stronger? My current program is a 5-day split, training different body parts each day. Shockwave is straight forward, challenging and allows me push myself, without killing myself. The added bonus: NO CARDIO. Yes, you heard that right. Initially, I did a few HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions a week, only because I did some damage with a few too many desserts that I had fix and when it came close to show time the HIIT’s were helpful in keeping my wind up for my fitness routine. But for the past 10 months my cardio program has been non-existent.

This is unheard of in the competition world. In fact, most competitors that I know and have become friends with over the years continue to run themselves into the ground year after year, show after show with endless cardio sessions, and unfortunately don’t look any different, or more often than not, look worse.

I love knowing that it isn’t necessary and I can achieve the look that I want without being a drone on the dreaded Stairmaster. What I love even more is how my strength continues to go up and I’m not even training for strength gains. Just imagine, a bikini competitor who can dead lift over 2x her body weight. It feels great to be a badass in the gym AND still be able rank high in the physique world. Too bad I can’t demonstrate my strength on stage!

The countdown to attempted World domination is ticking and I couldn’t be more excited! This show is going to be an event like no other. For the very first time a physique competition is going to be LIVE on pay-per-view. Not only does this mean that anyone and everyone can check out this amazing event, but it also ensures that the production value is going to be high!

I thought I’d bring a little extra heat to the Nevada desert.

If you’ve never seen a show or are interested in competing this is an event not to be missed! If you’re checking it out simply to cheer me on (which I hope many of you do) I’m competing in the Pro Bikini Short category (I’m small but mighty).

Check out the link for more info: WBFF Pay Per View Toronto World Championships

Add it to your Google Calendar: WBFF Pay Per View Event with Alex Navarro—Schedule it!

Special thank you to Kiefer and the DH team for the continued support. I hope to make you all proud!