Birth Control and Fat Loss

When women don’t want to get pregnant, they typically visit the doctor and get on a birth control regimen. Like most women, I did this when I first got married. What I didn’t do, however—and what most women don’t do—was research the effects this would have on my body. It didn’t occur to me to try to … [Read more...]

Carb Nite: How Mark Bell Lost 50 Pounds of Fat

People are much fatter than they have to be. Look around your local Starbucks, Jamba Juice, or Panera bread, and you’ll soon realize that everyone you see is fatter than is necessary—and that’s a conclusion I came to for myself, too. That’s why I started this whole process of dropping weight by … [Read more...]

18 Months of Carb Back-Loading with Julia Ladewski

“I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning,” said Gym Lady. “It’s very healthy.” I knew this was coming. People always say the same things about breakfast. I have this same conversation almost every day. “Don’t,” I said. … [Read more...]

Alex Navarro’s Quest for Worlds Domination

Who wouldn’t want to be the best at something if they knew they could? I’ve always been competitive, mostly with myself, but if I have the opportunity and the potential to dominate in something I’m going to go for it. … [Read more...]

Julia Ladewski: Competing on Carb Back-Loading

Julia's back! Emerging victorious from her recent powerlifting meet with another ELITE total in her third weight class -- not to mention looking like an absolute superhero while doing it -- we asked her for a rundown of the past 6 months of carb back-loading, as well as the past 2 months of getting … [Read more...]

Jim Wendler on Just Big Radio

Vincent Dizenzo brings us an interview from the Just Big Radio archives, their first show with special guest Jim "5/3/1" Wendler, creator of the famous 5-3-1 program for building strength.  You can download the complete MP3 here (about 20MB). Just Big Radio will be continuing to publish shows here … [Read more...]

Julia Ladewski Lifts with Carb Back-Loading

When I checked out Julia Ladewski's training log on EliteFTS and found out she had quietly been using Carb Back-Loading -- since APRIL 2011! --  getting stronger and leaner, and feeling healthy and content on it to boot, I HAD to comment. (Specifically, I think I cat-called her on Twitter and then … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Success, Failure, and Doughnuts on Carb Back-Loading™

 What does it mean to do Carb Back-Loading™ "wrong"? We asked SJ (Sam Joy), a serious lifter and coach over at The Yard, to relate his experiences using Carb Back-Loading in the months that followed his original write-up back in April of this year. What he sent back details a fascinating run from … [Read more...]