Ultra Low-Carb Spicy Italian Sausage Recipe

I love a good sausage fest. And no, I’m not referring to a party where there are more guys than girls. I, for one, prefer my sausage fests to include scrumptious sausages made from high quality meat cooked in my very own kitchen, as opposed to a bunch of 23-year-old douchebags posting shirtless club photos on Facebook holding red plastic cups. 

When I first attempted this dish I used pre-cooked sausages, which cut down the cooking time significantly, yet they weren’t nearly as tasty as when I used uncooked ones.

Sausages generally have a high fat content. By stabbing the sausages a few times before cooking them in the sauce, a good portion of the fat seeped out while they cooked and was replaced by the sauce – leaving a layer of fat at the top of the dish when it was done. So now you have the option of removing the fat off the top before gobbling up the juicy sausages.

Parmesan cheese is the only thing missing from turning an already tasty dish into something fit for a king – or S.H.I.T. – depending on what you like to call yourself at home.

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What you need:

1 package of uncooked spicy Italian Sausages

1 jar of low Carb Marinara Sauce of your choice

4oz of red wine – Merlot is ideal

Parmesan cheese – optional, but highly recommended


Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees

A seemingly obvious step, yet I’ve failed to get the oven started before and was stuck waiting for it to heat up while everything else was ready to go. I’ve used a Dutch oven to cook the sausages before, but it wasn’t quite the same.



Step 2: Puncture each sausage with a fork 10 or more times.

Grab a fork and take a few (just a few) stabs at each sausage. I stab them while still inside the container they came in. The risk of stabbing myself is far too likely and a risk I’m not willing to take anymore.


Step 3: Pour half the marinara sauce in the a medium casserole dish

You want to cover the sausages completely with the marinara sauce, so a deep casserole dish is best. Pour half of the marinara sauce in it and keep the rest in the jar for the next step.



Step 4: Add 4 oz of red wine into jar with the remaining Marinara sauce. Mix well.

The 4 oz bottles of Merlot are great for recipes like this. Pour the wine into the jar with the remaining marinara sauce and mix well.



Step 5: Place the sausages in the casserole dish.

The packages I get usually have 5 large sausages, which fit perfectly in the casserole dish. Place them side-by-side in the dish – the ultimate sausage fest. If they don’t fit, you might need a bigger casserole dish, else you’ll have to forgo using all the sausages.



Step 6: Pour the Marinara and wine mix on top of the sausages.

Take that yummy wine and marinara mixture and pour it over the sausages, covering them completely.




Step 7: Cook sausages in oven for 45-69 minutes.

Make sure that they are fully cooked before removing them from the oven. I suggest you check on the sausages around the 45-minute mark, but odds are they’ll take longer.



Step 8: Eat up!

Shown with the optional Parmesan cheese and DH-style Brussel Sprouts.