Gender Wars: 3 Exercises to Build the Perfect Butt

Let’s face it. We all have our favorite body parts when it comes to the opposite sex. When it comes to how men feel about women, this comes down to two things: her breasts and her ass (or glutes, to be more polite). Trouble is, when you want to improve these areas, it’s tough to find the right body part exercises—at least for the breasts, although it’s been shown that alcohol increases breast size.

To build the perfect butt (that bikini butt you’re looking for), however, there are a wide variety of glute exercises Kiefer prefers for building a round butt, a “Brazilian butt,” or just giving yourself a butt lift. Here, he’ll show you a great butt workout, along with the best ways to work your upper glutes AND the best way to use the hip abductor machine. Your championship ass and glute activation start here.

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Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer with bringing you another Tubecast today.

Alex Navarro and I have a little competition going on. We each decided that we would discuss what body parts our gender likes most in the opposite gender. We are going to post a Series of videos: describing those body parts, obviously… probably not too much detail, and exercises to make them better. And we are going to see who gets more likes on their videos or more total views.

But anyway I thought I would start off this Series. And I would bet a lot of people out there would guess what I’m going to say. Men like breasts and although it’s like 50-50 between that and the next most favorite body part, there is really not much training you can do to exaggerate the breasts for females. There is something nutritionally you can do but I wanted to start with glutes in the exercises that you can do. Guys love glutes or at least, serious guys love glutes. That’s why guys who train hard and care about how they look usually don’t date runners because runners have flat horrible asses.

So, one thing you can do. And the problem I find that most women have when they are trying to build their glutes – their glutes don’t build very well. And That’s because they don’t know how to activate them or they sit a lot. Well, if you sit a lot, your glutes learn not to activate. So you got to bring those back to life.

I found a series of three exercises that are excellent for waking your glutes up and getting them to work again.

The first one is The Single Leg Dumbbell Dead Lift. Notice carefully that the dumbbell that you hold. You hold the dumbbell in the opposite end of the foot you stand on and you hold the dumbbell over that foot as you go down. You hinge at the hip. It’s a great exercise. You need to play with your knee position and stay sitting back until you fill-in the glute. There is another reason, if you notice the model, it’s actually Alex – she has her hand and her hip. that’s a type of neural feedback to help that glute activate.
The next exercise is The Abductor, affectionally known as the ‘Yes Machine’ in many gyms. But if you do that properly, and you arch your back really hard – when you open up, you can actually feel it. And you’ll see it in the video, you’ll see the upper glutes, which is really a problem area, for one. You’ll see the upper glute activate. It brings a whole glute up and starts to wake up the glute.

And then finally – The Sumo Deadlift. This is an incredible exercise to make your glutes fire. They almost have no choice because of the orientation that you are putting yourself into.

So those three exercises, done roughly in that order will really help wake up your glutes and build your glutes. I helped Alex build a championship ass with these three exercises almost exclusively, nothing else. Well, and some deep squats of course, to follow. And that’s about it. So that’s the first tip.

And I did mention – there is a nutritional way for women to increase their breast size and it turns out that alcohol increases production of a hormone called prolactin which sparks breast tissue growth. I’m not saying I recommend that you go get drunk to increase your breast size but if you do happen to imbide from time to time, it will help your breast growth slightly.

So all of these tips – Remember, diet is 90% of how you look. These tips can only shape the muscle once you’ve brought it into appearance by using your diet correctly. Alright, that’s another tip from Dangerously Hardcore on this TubeCast.