Carb Back-Loading Post Workout: When to Eat Carbs Explained

If you workout every other day, should you use Carb Back-Loading post workout? Should you consume them in advance of your training? In this video, when to eat carbs is further explained.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer from with another Tubecast for you.

Today, I wanted to clear up what seems like a paradox with Carb Back-Loading and this question comes from ‘The Power Project’ with Mark Bell. He asked me to address this because he has gotten this question a couple of times. And that’s that Carb-Backloading… That specifically says that:
“The carb you eat at night after your training session are not to recover from that training session, they are for the next day’s training.”

Some people are a little confused by this. It’s actually what you need after your training session is – an Insulin Spike. You want to spike the insulin levels that helps you with recovery growth… all that good stuff. But you don’t actually need the carb in that post workout shake.

So what you can do is supplement with Weigh protein hydrolysates – it’s casein hydrolysates and leucine, and possibly even some caffeine can help that spike. You can experiment with adding MCT oils to that shake as well. That should also increase the net insulin output. I don’t know exactly what that will do for your strength or muscle gains. I have only used that method with people gliding down for the stage. It works very well at those instances where they can get a big insulin spike but they are not worried about muscle growth. They are only worried about maintaining their muscle size and strength.

So the carbs – since you only need them for the next day’s workout – you can actually shift those from post-workout to the next day if you’re training every other day. That’s how this question arose. A lot of people train Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And it didn’t make sense that they’re eating all these carbs after Monday’s training cycle but they don’t need them until Wednesday. So what you can do, in this… a lot of people have been using this this way, is that – you can have carbs Sunday night, train Monday. Monday, you’re just going to create a shape that gives you a huge insulin spike. That’s the hydrolysates again and the leucine, possibly some caffeine… and if you want to experiment with MCT. Then, on Tuesday night – it’s when you’d have your carbs. So you’re carbed out for Wednesday’s training session. Wednesday’s training session again, you would just finish with the shake that raises insulin levels and gets that really up there, get you recovered, there is anti-inflammatory – properties of the insulin, in that case. But you don’t have your carbs after Wednesday’s training session. You would save those ‘til Thursday night.

Women are a little more complex situation. They can actually choose whether they want their carbs post workout even if they are training every other day, or if they want to try and save them for the next day. Some women react better ‘day of’ and that’s because women have a tendency to hold on to their glycogen stores very well. So, they have a little more wiggle room thereon when they stage their carbs. Guys, they may find it’s far more optimal to hold on their carbohydrates off until the day before training even if they didn’t train the day that they are eating those carbs.

Alright, that’s another tip from brought to you via Power Project with Mark Bell. That’s it.