How to Use Leucine with Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite

What is Leucine? How is it used? What does it do for me? Fear not, all your questions are answered in How to Use Leucine with Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer from and it’s another TubeCast for you today.

And if you’re like me, you’re getting tired of hearing me say, ‘This is Kiefer from’ but I’m going to try to keep this consistent. Today I want to talk about leucine. Or actually in this video, I want to talk about leucine because a lot of people had questions recently.

On Carb Back Loading and Carb Nite, you go through periods of very low carbohydrate diet. And the idea is you are trying to keep your body  ketogenic – so it’s burning fat at a higher state than normal. Leucine can cause an insulin response. In doing that, it could lower how much fat you burn. So the question is – When should you use leucine?

More times than not, and there is some special situations – which I’ll cover in a second – but more times than not, I usually hold leucine supplementation off until post workout or in some cases – inter-workout and then all the feedings thereafter. Leucine is a potentiator. It only turns on the genes to help you grow faster. You need to fuel it with protein. One of the best protein sources for 24-hour protein synthesis is actually like that complex stuff that you… normally don’t think of it as a functional food like meats, cottage cheese – things like that. They have a longer release and they help you build muscle over 24 hours. The leucine only potentiates that. And it tends to leave that potentiation near the end of a workout. So you get like the biggest boost you can and then grow muscle the rest of the day.

With Carb Nite, I’ll often do that just after the workout. Immediately post-workout with some whey isolate, adding a little bit of leucine – about five (5) grams. You don’t need more of that on a Carb Nite. And that is all the leucine that you will use during Carb Nite when you actually have the Carb Nite and eat your carbs. If you’d like, you can add in leucine all through the evening and then it will help accelerate muscle growth in that situation. It depends on your goals… on what you are looking for with Carb Nite since it has multiple uses, obviously.

The special situation is – sometimes in the first AM training, when you’re training fasted, using leucine immediately after that workout can also help you achieve an anabolic boost. Other than that, that’s how I use leucine and Carb Back-loading that’s up to fifteen (15) grams after your training so that’s five (5) grams per meal. You can use that same rule on your Carb Nite. But remember, when training on your very low carb… your ultra-low carb days without a back-load, you only want to have about five (5) grams of leucine post-training.

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