Best Twitter Feeds to Follow: This Week’s Highlights

As you’ve probably figured out by now, 99 percent of what you’ll find on the internet is complete bullshit. If you spend long enough sifting through it all, though, you’ll come up with some gold–especially when it comes to the Twitter feeds of people at the top of their fields. Twitter? Yeah, we look, and every so often, we’ll share some of the interesting shit we find. Here, now, without further ado, we present…

Shit We Found On Twitter That May Be Worth Showing You

As for today’s top story…having a fake dead Twitter girlfriend might be helpful for sticking to Carb Nite. Something to consider.



And as for the other weird shit going on today, there’s this:


Moving on to some actual fitness stuff, if John Meadows says it, there’s probably a lot of truth to it (plus some grocery shopping, Mountain Dog style):



Joe Rogan tweets the good shit (and yes, Homeland is a fucking awesome show):



Vincent Dizenzo, we hear you buddy:


You think you’ve got problems?