Ian Albert: CrossFit, Business, and CBL Success

Ian Albert, CSCS, is the manager of EVF Performance, a popular CrossFit gym on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. We’re featuring this interview with Ian for a few reasons. First, he’s experimented extensively with Carb Back-Loading and is a huge fan of the system. Next, we wanted to … [Read more...]

The Sexy, Strong Woman: 6 Tips For Women

It’s the ultimate piece of fitness bullshit, yet women everywhere still say these words constantly: “I’d love to start lifting weights, and I know it’s good for me, but I don’t want to get all bulky.” You know what the ironic thing is about this? There’s an inverse relationship involving the women … [Read more...]

Best Twitter Feeds to Follow: This Week’s Highlights

As you've probably figured out by now, 99 percent of what you'll find on the internet is complete bullshit. If you spend long enough sifting through it all, though, you'll come up with some gold--especially when it comes to the Twitter feeds of people at the top of their fields. Twitter? Yeah, we … [Read more...]

On The Road

Hi everyone.  We’re just logging on for a little bit to let you know that programming on the site is going to be interrupted for a couple of days.  Why?  Because we’re moving DH’s base of operation out of the Bay Area to an undisclosed location—a fortified bunker, if you will—that will help us … [Read more...]

Superstorm Sandy: Training and Nutrition Lessons Learned the Hard Way

What happens when you get derailed? When months of hard training and dedicated dieting are thrown off by events we think are beyond our control? We all love Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite, and we all know how well they work, but what do you do when things go completely haywire? … [Read more...]