The Sexy Strong Woman: Part 2

  Women and muscle mass have a strange relationship, and it’s been that way forever. When you’re trying to decide whether you actually want to put on muscle, it’s a very personal decision that a lot of women eventually choose not to make at all because they don’t want to “bulk up.” Still, a lot of … [Read more...]


If you want to get stronger, you have to get bigger, right? That’s what most people believe, and it’s essentially become a set-in-stone concession among all athletes, male and female, that in order to add significant amounts of strength, we also have to pack on significant amounts of bulk and fat. … [Read more...]

Birth Control and Fat Loss

When women don’t want to get pregnant, they typically visit the doctor and get on a birth control regimen. Like most women, I did this when I first got married. What I didn’t do, however—and what most women don’t do—was research the effects this would have on my body. It didn’t occur to me to try to … [Read more...]

18 Months of Carb Back-Loading with Julia Ladewski

“I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning,” said Gym Lady. “It’s very healthy.” I knew this was coming. People always say the same things about breakfast. I have this same conversation almost every day. “Don’t,” I said. … [Read more...]