Fixing the Damage, Part 2: Backloading

A little less than two weeks have passed since returning from Europe and I’m as lean as when I left, despite the more than ten pounds I gained—which, to be fair, was probably not all fat. In part one, I discussed eliminating breakfast, something I plan to continue through next Monday. This time, I … [Read more...]

Protein Super-Dosing: Performance Enhancing or Gastric Nightmare?

This post evolved out of the Protein 2.0 post and covers a subject still surrounded by mystery, mysticism and flat out stupidity, a subject where speculation and sensationalism are endemic and encouraged: protein super-dosing. Is there an advantage to doubling, tripling or even septupling the … [Read more...]

Fat Forearm Training

Why the hell are so many guys taking up a bench performing wrist curls? Scientists have yet to find an explanation for this phenomenon, but the dominant theory has something to do with their lack of a girlfriend: the longer they've been single, the more wrist curls they do. … [Read more...]

Being Hardcore Is Dangerous

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals, both physical and cerebral, and I’m considering breaking into the magazine writing industry. I took some time to explore the flavor, tone and subjects covered in popular fitness periodicals, both of the print and Internet variety. What I've noticed, … [Read more...]


Sacrifice is the backbone of achievement, or so I’ve heard. To achieve anything noteworthy, or to simply stand out from the crowd, one must sacrifice a normal life in exchange for deprivation. No television; no nights out at the bar; no junk food; no sleeping in; no straying from the … [Read more...]

No More Wimpy Calves

There’s no point in denying—so I won’t—that genetics play a significant role in the insertion, form and function of the lower leg, but the consequences of genetics do not excuse a pathetic lower limb. I’ve worked with a dozen people, all of whom told me they had beaten their calves to a pulp, tried … [Read more...]

Does Bowflex® Really Works?

The short answer: no. You can stop reading now if you'd like. … [Read more...]

Marriage Makes You Fat!

I knew it existed. I knew it wasn't my imagination. I knew after watching it happen to countless friends and family members that I was not crazy, but astute (as astute as other external observers to the ballooning epidemic). Being in a committed relationship and moving in together makes you fat! … [Read more...]