DH Protein Series by Protein Factory

Most of you don’t know me, but you should have a feel for how much I hate all the crap in the fitness industry. What really upsets me is that I was a victim of that crap for a long time. That’s part of the reason I made this site, to prevent others from being victims. … [Read more...]

Is Carb Nite® Right For You?

My first book, The Carb Nite® Solution, is enjoying a second surge in sales because I’m learning how to promote myself and my work. This is and always will be my weak point because I don’t want to dress up my knowledge with glitter and lace and make it all pretty and palatable. I prefer dealing with … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Updated Blends 1 and 2

I promised everyone a couple of days for the new blends, but if you can give me until the weekend, I'm working with Protein Factory so that you can purchase the customized blends with a single click instead of going through the Custom Protein Lab. I appreciate your patience in giving me the time to … [Read more...]

Carb Back-Loading: The Final Follow Up

This another follow-up, the last I intend to devote to carb back-loading until the dust settles. So let me begin at the beginning… … [Read more...]

From EliteFTS, Back Loading: Follow Up

Sometimes, trying to do the right thing and help, even though the help isn’t predicated on the principles laid forth in an article, is more trouble than it’s worth. … [Read more...]

Fixing the Damage, Part 2: Backloading

A little less than two weeks have passed since returning from Europe and I’m as lean as when I left, despite the more than ten pounds I gained—which, to be fair, was probably not all fat. In part one, I discussed eliminating breakfast, something I plan to continue through next Monday. This time, I … [Read more...]

Return from Vienna: Fixing the Damage, Part 1

Aw, Vienna: the history, the art, the architecture and the food. Okay, maybe I enjoyed the food more than anything else and the extra 5 lbs I acquired proves it. Five pounds might not seem like much for two weeks of stuff-yourself-sick-with-pastries eating, but when you consider I continued lifting … [Read more...]

Protein Super-Dosing: Performance Enhancing or Gastric Nightmare?

This post evolved out of the Protein 2.0 post and covers a subject still surrounded by mystery, mysticism and flat out stupidity, a subject where speculation and sensationalism are endemic and encouraged: protein super-dosing. Is there an advantage to doubling, tripling or even septupling the … [Read more...]

Protein Supplementation 2.0

Brian Carroll called me the other day, while I was traveling in Utah and asked for advice on his protein supplementation. When Brian calls you for help, you take it seriously; normally, people call Brian for help. … [Read more...]


Sacrifice is the backbone of achievement, or so I’ve heard. To achieve anything noteworthy, or to simply stand out from the crowd, one must sacrifice a normal life in exchange for deprivation. No television; no nights out at the bar; no junk food; no sleeping in; no straying from the … [Read more...]