BioJacked TV #31: Kiefer with Jonathan Watson – Weight Loss Tips for Carb Back-Loading & Carb Nite

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In Episode 31 of the greatest Health and Performance Saga known as BioJacked TV, Kiefer sits down with Jonathan Watson of and answers the toughest questions about Carb Back-Loading, Carb Nite, weight loss, health and performance. We discuss how to determine your calorie needs, how best to include alcohol, the importance of eating fat with your carbs at night and everything pre-, intra- and post-workout nutrition related.

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  • NickJames

    I just went through the 10 day induction for carb nite, and noticed I was getting the sweats for the last 2-3 nights like you mention in this interview. This was fully carb depleted. Does this mean I should have had my first carb nite sooner than I did?

    For reference, I started at an even 200 lbs, ~13-15% BF, and on the morning of my first carb nite I was 189 lbs, ~11-13% BF. My food looked like: 250g protein, 100g fat, <30g carbs for the 10 days. I did 4 heavy resistance workouts, 1 sprint day (very 1st day to glycogen deplete), and went for slow 30 min walks every day if possible. Too much activity, not enough fat is my guess? Or should I have just carbed up around day 5-7?

  • Oleha Verlander

    I NEED my preworkout drinks ( I need the pump and the amp!) before HIIT and lifting. Most of them have 0-2 grams of sugars/carbs..but I know that Keifer has said some artificial sweeteners still stimulate insulin reaction.Which artificial sweetners should I avoid to keep my ‘fat burn’ mode in play? Or am I safe since the nutrition label says the sugar content is so low? Also, what about water flavorings (Crystal light, and the like) effecting insulin when trying to avoid carbs? (33 yr old female trainer playing with CBL for 10 days now)