Lies Your Government Tells You About Your Health

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In this first installment of a six-part series addressing the lies your government is telling you about your health, Kiefer addresses the truth about cardio. 

  • Tara Hanrahan

    Thank you Kiefer! You’ve already changed so many people’s lives. Keep pushing for rational nutrition, training, and health advice!

  • Ben Tunney

    Awesome work Kiefer! The tubecasts are sweet. I can’t thank you enough for your info and nutritional advice. CBL and Carb Nite have changed my life. Keep up the great work. Happy New Year to you and the DH Crew!

  • Sckiely

    It’s funny, as here in Australia we are even further behind as the cornerstone of the nutrition info here is based off the American model and we are constantly playing catch up with America. Follow the Leader as our politicians don’t have the nerve to make an independent decision they just follow the Americans blindly????

  • shokat

    Kiefer are you saying that the average non-gym going, obese American who has high blood sugar and metabolic syndrom would be better of eating high GI carbs like wonder bread, white rice, cake, etc. instead of low GI carbs like ezekial bread, oatmeal and other whole grains? And this is not about Paleo, I get the whole Paleo idea, I’m referring to the average fat American who would never do Paleo or CBL. So should they just start eating wonder bread and donuts? What am I missing here?

    • nolan

      Common sense, mainly. You’re taking the idea of eating high GI vs low GI completely out of the context of a structured diet, namely carb nite and carbbackloading. Have you read these books? While it may not be optimal for somebody wanting to lose weight to eat low GI foods or High GI most times, there are times when High GI foods are beneficial to reducing body fat. Low GI, or at least the research shows us this, is not beneficial for someone wanting to lose weight and really has no ‘optimal’ place in a diet protocol designed to lose fat – not every day anyway. Question – if you decided to finally take charge of your weight and you were determined to lose the excess fat that you had been carrying around for years, would you quibble over the glycemic index of a food if, by all quantifiable accounts,the research points to low GI as halting your progress? If something doesn’t work – why do it? Repeatedly? Read carb nite to understand why low GI foods just aren’t the route to take.

      • andrinho

        If someone is anywhere above 20% BF and wants to get in better shape, I think that person has no business eating carbs daily, be it hi or low GI.

    • Alan

      I basically agree with Nolan… missing the application of some common sense and hearing the rest of Kiefer’s series. Do you believe for an instant (unless you have no clue about CNS or CBL, which I doubt) that Kiefer is suggesting that your average, obese American should pick their poison – hi-GI or low-GI, those are THE choices? Would Kiefer offer either of those stock diets to anyone? His protocols are not based on either of those… they both use ultra low carb nutrition bases that use high insulinogenic carbs +/- training as strategic tools to spike either hormonal or cellular metabolic pathways.

  • Grant

    Kiefer, keep in mind the government is equally wrong about everything else, and its not always lies, sometimes its just incompetence. Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

  • Ash

    I totally agree. I ‘ve been doing my own research and it is just made up crap. No studies just an idea from they decided was truth.

  • JJ

    I do have some sympathy for those trying to get in better shape while following the usual bs government advice. How many people do you hear say “I’m going to eat wholegrain [insert food] from now” or “I’m going to go running every morning” thinking they are improving their health when the reality is a few months down the line they’ll be in the same or if not a worse position.
    Ultimately someone in power needs to have the balls to admit the Government guidelines are flawed and to propose new ones, there’s no shame in admitting mistakes if you learn and progress from them.

    I’m so glad and relieved there are passionate fitness people out there who are willing to educate themselves and question advice which has no basis.

  • Rose

    I love Kiefer’s videos, and I love how passionate he is about educating people with the right information. He inspires me to not only further research, but to question everything I am told and not just follow information blindly.
    Which led me to find this article regarding the glycemic index.
    I feel foolish for following a low-glycemic diet for so long, especially considering how ineffective it was. Thank you for your continuing support, information and research.

  • Schwartzie

    Coming from a Paleo/Primal background, then to LeanGains and recently finding the DH protocol I have experienced an (ironically) evolution of my understanding of fuel sources for the body and when and how to use them to my advantage. I have to say I have spent so much time reading studies and blogs about studies and the such and have conjured what I hold true today, what works for me. People look at that and say “I’m not that interested in that stuff” or “I don’t have that much time”. The truth is there is a lack of commitment and the wrong places are being looked to. Then there are the tough ones like “But there is just so much information out there” or “But this seems to be working for me”. The reality is, many are stuck with Conventional Wisdom and are not willing to branch out and challenge the majority. There is no single Perfect Human Diet, we are al different and need to find what works for us. N=1 (self experimentation) is what people need, not some guru on a commercial to tell them how to live. It’s YOU against YOU and only YOU can choose what is right for YOU!
    (sorry for my rant, but this stuff excites me)

  • Brian Roth

    Where’s Part 2 on this “series”?!! Loved the teaser and would like to see you keep posting stuff on this subject.

  • john papadopoulos

    hallo from greece. mr. kiefer you are the best fitness advisor on the web, i am 45 years old ,,( was very difficult to me to loose weight ) i stoped all the low gi ..and i allready lost 18 kg 2,5 months. thanks to your advices. hi gi post work out ..and ..more..from the best lifecoach kiefer. !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clint

    Want to hear the rest.
    Or was he visited by the men in black and told to stop?

  • Mivkosic

    I love your information! When will the next “gov’t making you sick” video be out?