Welcome to, where we’re you. We do the same things you do, and we want the same things you want. Our goal is to be healthy, and we want to perform and look our best every minute of every day.

Most of all, we want to do things the right way and the intelligent way—the way science says we should, and that experience confirms—free of all the nonsense that’s rotting away the internal organs of a fitness industry that’s supposed to be here to help us, but has failed at its mission for decades.

The fitness industry isn’t helping anyone, and we oppose that. We’re IN OPPOSITION. You should be, too, and it starts right here.


We’re IN OPPOSITION to nutritionists, celebrity trainers, television hosts, and magazine editors who tell us how to live our lives with no scientific research—or experience—to back up their claims.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to a supplement industry that’s constantly trying to sell us on their “next big thing,” when all they’re doing is getting the science wrong and separating us from our money with products that don’t work.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to ages-old fitness industry myths with no basis in fact, like the one about how you have to eat breakfast every morning. You don’t.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to “gurus” who say that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights, because all the women we know who bench, squat, and deadlift wish they’d started years ago.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to talking heads, hustlers, and con artists who set themselves up as fitness and nutrition gurus despite having no credentials, no clients, and no results to back up anything they’re saying—other than a handful of photoshopped pictures of six-pack abs they don’t really have.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to monolithic organizations who’ve cornered the market by brainwashing millions of unsuspecting consumers into thinking they have rare food allergies and medical conditions that need to be corrected.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to flavor-of-the-month trainers who’ve become television celebrities simply by dint of their ability to scream at people and make them vomit.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to the vegan and organic food hit squads that have everyone convinced that we’re all going to die, painfully and immediately, if we don’t eat the way they tell us to.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to cargo cult science that matches the wrong effects with the wrong causes, and confirmation biases that compel the “experts” to tell us only what they want us to hear. There’s no place for bogus science when we’re talking about our health and performance.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to organizations who sell nutritional products and deliver information while tacitly—or openly, in some particularly glaring cases—endorsing illegal drug use.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to speculative training, nutrition, and supplementation advice from pseudo-experts who haven’t even tried the stuff they’re telling us to do.

We’re IN OPPOSITION to taking this kind of advice from talk show hosts, celebrity doctors, and magazine editors who don’t look—or act—the part.

Finally, we’re IN OPPOSITION to not having access to the most bleeding-edge scientific training, nutrition, and supplementation information on the planet—and we’re IN OPPOSITION to not having a logical, functional way of using it.

Those days are over, and that’s why we started this project: To get the real story when it comes to everything in the fitness industry. We’re doing this by gathering and sharing information from the best people in the world at what they do—and not from the fakes, phonies, and frauds whose only true area of expertise is abject narcissism.

Our mission statement is simple: we provide the tools and information to make health, performance and longevity easy for everyone.

Be an athlete. Better yet, join us and say: I am IN OPPOSITION. I am IO!

The premier health, fitness, performance, and nutrition website on the planet is now live. The resistance begins here. 

  • Richard Schmitt

    I am definitely part of this “resistance”, I am an Athlete IO! Loving the new emblem too!

    • Evan Peterson

      Yeah buddy!

  • Kyle


  • Lee

    Love it. Big things ahead.

  • Evan Peterson

    I’m PROUD to be a part of the resistance! io baby!

  • Genio

    I am IN OPPOSITION. I am IO!

  • Benoni Cooper

    I thought IO standed for imput/ output.
    For a long time now, DH has stopped putting out anything of quality, and started creative marketing instead.

    • Jeff Williams

      Basically, with your comment you are not in opposition, but for the problem. The best part about your “Boring” quote is that it fuels the fire of everyone that takes part in and reads how you feel about the facts.

    • LordOrangePop

      Probably changed it because of better name or it was already taken. I wish Kiefer would do more training articles like the one on biceps and calves. More training articles! One great article every week or even two weeks is enough

  • Jason Detwiler

    This is a very good mission statement. I like renaming the .io for your better purposes.

  • Keerthi M

    These days all I see is sexy girls in bikinis and some recipes. We probably need more guest posts and more quality content like before. One or two really good articles per week wouldn’t really hurt.

    • Booch

      You’re contradicting yourself here. If you want “quality” content, it takes time to do the research, get the facts straight and put things together. Simply adding “more” content to keep people happy would defeat the entire purpose of this site.
      As far as I’m concerned, right before DH became IO there was a huge increase in good articles and information pouring out compared to a year ago. I think once the transition is done, the amount of articles will get back to where they were at before the change.
      IMO keep the good stuff coming at whatever pace you please.

      • Keerthi M

        Ok I agree it seems like they got busy in the transition. I was talking about having more legit authors writing articles on this site so we get both quality and a reasonable quantity, not filler articles like recipes and sexy female pictures. There are way too many sources to get recipes these days.

  • JJDubya

    Makes “resistance training” take on a whole new meaning.
    Anyone know how long it takes for registration to go through? It’s been a few days now and no “confirmation email” as promised. …

  • Jason Detwiler

    Let’s do this! Way to re purpose “IO” for your better use. I like JJDubya’s coment: whole new meaning to “resistance training.”

  • Mladen Stoychev

    Part of the resistance right here. You are not alone. I am IO!

  • Craig Jones

    dangerouslyhardcore is officially no more. End of an era, start of something great.

  • Mark

    Some people want the moon on a stick. This site has provided countless free articles over the past few months

  • Brandon Christ

    Looking forward to the future!

  • Jeff Williams

    This is a great mission. I feel the new resistance will make this community stronger as a whole and let everyone know that there is something out there for them in this information that will promote their own fitness goals. No one wants to have a generic set of information and this is what is all about.

  • Damon Amato

    very excited! Can’t wait to see whats next!

  • Steve Kiely

    It’s good to see the new face of a great organisation! This is going to very exciting. As with any change there will be a transition period everyone just needs to calm down as there is no better site providing so much quality information.
    What confuses me though is why people who don’t seem to appreciate the site and what it offers, still feel the need to takle the time to Criticise??

  • Danny D

    I’m a personal trainer and have been for about 2 years. My credentials were obtained in 6 weeks, I went on to work in a commercial gym which I hated and now I work for myself. I spent about 6 years before getting a certificate in training reading up on training, nutrition and psychology. Every waking hour I read up about nutrition and am regularly overwhelmed by the non-guru gurus. There are some heavy hitters in this industry all lamenting guru’s despite the fact that they are one themselves. They all have opposing opinions about what works; macros are key and calories are not, calories are key and timing is not, timing is key and macros are not. They’ve all discovered the same thing; whichever mantra they follow works for them and their clients. They all agree on one thing; those trainers that starve their clients on 600 cals a day and 3 hours of cardio are scum. Fair enough. But from what I’ve read there really is more than one way to skin a cat. Find what works for you but don’t assume that 2 weeks is a fair assessment of failure or success. Put the effort in!

    The fitness industry was spawned out of good intentions. Others joined it assuming that they would too be constructing for the better as opposed to the melee that is has become. With that, a few people soon realized that they could spew shit and turn it into gold. That’s what’s wrong with the industry. Yeah, you can spend $$$$ and become a qualified trainer in 4 weeks but you don’t know shit. There are, however, some that follow the 4 week route and are super passionate about what they do, devoting their time to reading up about training and nutrition. Sure they don’t have a PhD in anything but they’re also not claiming to, nor do they talk a walk they can’t walk. Si while there is a lot wrong with this industry there’s a lot right with it too, like this site. I don’t have a degree in sports science or nutrition but I spend a heck of a lot of my spare time reading up on it those subjects to help my clients while others around me are getting as many 2 day kettlebell/TRX/VipR courses under their belts as they can.

    On the flip side there are others that are too eager to please and will talk shit and even start to believe it out of some disjointed sense of logic. They start off with good intentions but soon realize that to make a living sometimes you have to bend the truth. You have to give people what they want. Mrs Smith doesn’t want those flabby upper arms but you can’t convince her that doing tricep extensions on the end of her couch won’t tone them so you write them into her program to appease her.

    At the end of the day you might as well put your faith in this site over anybody else. Yep Kiefer has opposing views to Alan Aragon or Layne Norton but better the devil you know in my opinion! I’m always dubious about any advice that comes with a product attached however there is so much free advice on here and with a little bit of knowledge you can pretty much piece together the the premise of CBL, CNS or whatever. I would be curious about conflicting data that didn’t support an existing product though. How would that data be presented in the context of this site and its products? Nothing is infallible but like I said, better the devil you know. Keep up the great work guys.

  • youngdeucey

    ‘in opposition’ is way cooler than ‘input/output’. i’m much more happy about the name change now

  • Kenneth Yim

    I am IN OPPOSITION. I am IO!

  • Peter Scarpelli

    Sounds great. Look forward to watching this take shape!