Two Great Interviews With Kiefer Just Posted

On the heels of our return from the BIL 2012 Conference, two interviews with Kiefer have now been published. Biohacker Dave Asprey, who we met up with at BIL 2012, was interested to converse on optimizing health while doing Carb Back-Loading (e.g. sticking to the Bulletproof Diet), while the guys over at Propane Fitness collaborated to ask on more performance- and goal-oriented aspects of doing the diet.

In the Propane Fitness interview, they managed to drag some great, unique information out of Kiefer on many topics, drawing from their own personal experience of having done Carb Back-Loading successfully over the past year. They got lots of questions answered that help explain Kiefer’s position on intermittent fasting.

Kiefer refers to Carb Back-Loading as “the evolution of intermittent fasting” – we’ve all been doing it for a few months now it’s been absolutely fantastic for gaining muscle while minimizing fat gain or losing fat with muscle preservation. Strength has shot up for us and our clients, and the protocol is very easy to stick to.

And on the Upgraded Self Podcast, biohackers Dave Asprey (The Bulletproof Executive) and Armi Legge (Bulletproof researcher) grilled Kiefer on the science behind the idea of eating cherry turnovers to get lean and jacked, as well as getting him to comment on the potential effectiveness of doing Carb Back-Loading completely paleo. (Sweet potatoes highly recommended.)

These interviews are wonderful complements to each other — you’ll hear plenty of unique information from both!