BioJacked #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet

BIOJACKED #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet In this episode, we had the pleasure of getting CJ Hunt on the phone to talk about his new movie, "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" (See ), and to chat about his journey from a sudden heart attack at the age of … [Read more...]

BioJacked #5: Muscle Activation Techniques with Matt Simpson-Weber

Kiefer and one of his figure clients, Ina, have both had their bodies worked on by MAT practitioner Matt Simpson-Weber here in San Francisco, and have been blown away by the results in their ability to recruit and balance muscle fiber activation in tissues that have experienced long-term … [Read more...]

BioJacked #3: Mad Max Aita

Max ("Mad Max") Aita, young up-and-coming weight-lifting coach who trained under (and lived with!) Ivan Abadjiev, came to the studio this past Tuesday with one simple message: try harder. Given all of the YouTube videos, magazine articles compelling you to try "killer exercises you aren't doing … [Read more...]

BioJacked #2: Autophagy with Josh Whiton

On this second episode of BioJacked, Josh Whiton visited us in the studio to get deep into the subject of Autophagy. He'd just given a talk at the nearby Personalized Life Extension Conference, where he unveiled "The Whiton Protocol", a diet protocol geared towards the regular promotion of … [Read more...]

BioJacked #1: Meet Monte Spicer

This past Tuesday, March 27th, we quietly announced in the morning on Facebook that we'd be going on live internet radio to do our first radio show EVER*. … [Read more...]

Two Great Interviews With Kiefer Just Posted

On the heels of our return from the BIL 2012 Conference, two interviews with Kiefer have now been published. Biohacker Dave Asprey, who we met up with at BIL 2012, was interested to converse on optimizing health while doing Carb Back-Loading (e.g. sticking to the Bulletproof Diet), while the guys … [Read more...]

Jim Wendler on Just Big Radio

Vincent Dizenzo brings us an interview from the Just Big Radio archives, their first show with special guest Jim "5/3/1" Wendler, creator of the famous 5-3-1 program for building strength.  You can download the complete MP3 here (about 20MB). Just Big Radio will be continuing to publish shows here … [Read more...]

Just Big Radio Interviews Kiefer

Everybody loves a good "hometown fat kid makes good" story. In this interview of Kiefer with Vincent Dizenzo on Just Big Radio, the guys discuss Carb Back-Loading, which Vincent himself has seen great success in using, and Kiefer reveals how he went from fat kid to physicist to sought-after … [Read more...]

Interview with Kiefer about Carb Backloading

Here's an interview with Kiefer conducted by Tanner Fox, a Carb Backloading true believer who had a few questions, as well as a nice testimonial about using this protocol himself. The guys just kinda launch into it after an amusing intro conversation, which you'll catch the tail end of at the … [Read more...]

Bonus Material from Kiefer’s Interview with Tanner Fox

Fox Tanner's testimonial of using Carb Backloading and some amusing conversation leading up to the full interview. (Subtitle: "Where's that accent from, anyway?") You can download this part of the interview as an mp3 HERE. (~8 MB) … [Read more...]