BioJacked #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet

BIOJACKED #9: CJ Hunt Tracks Down the Perfect Human Diet

In this episode, we had the pleasure of getting CJ Hunt on the phone to talk about his new movie, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” (See ), and to chat about his journey from a sudden heart attack at the age of 24, through several restrictive dietary philosophies, and coming to find better health and peace of mind on the Paleo diet.

The documentary is both a journey and an investigation, as we learn in the interview. We meet doctors, nutritionists, anthropologists, biologists, and many more.

“Actually it was really informative, even for ME, and I think a lot of my audience would really enjoy watching that movie, so I highly encourage people to get the DVD,” says Kiefer during this episode of BioJacked.

As Hunt points out, scientists never want to lock themselves down. “They sort of want to hedge their bets” to avoid making too-strident, as-yet-unproven claims. So what’s so striking about the statements made by the research archaeologists in The Search for the Perfect Human Diet is the utter certainty of the declarations we can now make in light of the new technology that shows to us very clearly what it was that humans ate during the Paleolithic period.

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06:40 CJ Hunt calls in.
10:30 The Paleo Scavenger Hunt…
12:45 So, what IS the perfect human diet???
38:30 Kiefer dodges the label “Paleo” for his own approach; we decide to adopt the “PHD” acronym (Perfect Human Diet): “a smarter way to eat”.
44:45 CJ talks about connecting the dots on disparate scientific evidence regarding human nutrition.
54:30 [FORUM QUESTIONS (posted here)]54:45 Is it more important to start eating more healthy food, or start cutting out more bad food?
1:07:19 Details and instructions on how to coordinate a high-def showing of In Search of the Perfect Human Diet (see below).

[BREAK, and then we talk epigenetics and share important news in PART 2 of this episode…]

1:26:00 Reference to Kiefer’s article, “Women’s Self Image: Photoshop Be Damned”
1:27:35 Children Exposed to the Common Pollutant Naphthalene Show Signs of Chromosomal Damage… carcinogens are definitely mutating kids.
1:29:00 Eating Plants May Change Our Cells (research from 2011). (I got it wrong, it’s “microRNA”, not “medium interfering RNA”.)
1:32:00 Epigenetics and the Better Baby Book by Dr. Lana Asprey and Dave Asprey.
1:40:00 Kiefer promises to publish the Detox Diet, and the DH Bench Challenge will start is coming out too…

Help get a high-def presentation of In Search of the Perfect Human Diet happening at a theater or gym near you! Send all inquiries to

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We’ll have the new announcement of the date by the time we sit down to record the next BioJacked episode.

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PS. Apologies about the voice quality during the call-in. We’re not sure if we’re doing something wrong on the mixer or whether that’s just how it’s going to sound when we do a phone call in this studio. It’s not our equipment, and we may have a lot more to learn!