Top 11 Excuses Not To Lose Weight

I’ve heard just about every excuse in the world for not losing weight, getting healthy or lifting weights and it’s damn annoying when someone rambles off an excuse for why they can’t—or worse—why they refuse to lose weight or workout. They act as though it’s ironclad logic and that to even attempt an argument shows how insensitive you are to their predicament.


Here are the top 11 stupidest reasons I’ve heard for not being healthy, shapely and kick-ass at life.


11) I don’t have time to cook and it’s impossible to eat healthy when I go out.
First of all, Americans who do cook spend less than 30 minutes on average preparing dinner. People who don’t cook, on average, spend one hour a day watching cooking shows. You do the math.

10) I’m really lucky and can eat whatever I want and not workout.
Okay, first of all, am I the only person in the world who realizes that what you see in the mirror is what you look like? Come on, you’re flabby and skinny-fat, at best. Maybe you should stand in front of the mirror naked for 30 seconds and get back to me.

9) Well, I don’t worry about diet because I run two hours a day on the treadmill.
I have been watching you come to the gym for years, adding weight steadily. The treadmill is not working for you. Are you dense?

8) I know how to lose weight, I just don’t have the time.
If you actually knew how to lose weight, you’d actually know that it’s not that hard and that you do have time.

7) If I workout, I’ll get all big and bulky and I don’t want muscles.
I’ve heard this from men and women. Come on. Do you know how much work it actually takes to get big and muscular? Obviously not because you’re a waifish buck twenty-five or worse, you can fit into skinny jeans which means you’re all fat. I guess it’s okay to get bulky like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, but it’s not okay to have sculpted shoulders.

jeans_and_heels_by_daggettgirl-d5hyx636) I want to enjoy life and not limit what I eat.
So what you’re really saying is that you’d rather shove down fat-free scones and triple choco-three-pounds-of-sugar lattes from Starbucks for breakfast, eat six Krispy Kremes for lunch and wash it all down with a gallon of beer and a pizza for dinner, go blind from high-blood pressure, develop Alzheimers and have a limb or two amputated from diabetes because that’s how one “enjoys life”? Let’s go for a walk when you’re 60 and talk about it…if you can walk that is.

5) It’s too hard to eat right when I go out with my friends.
Then stop going out with your friends. Or better yet, help them get healthy too.

4) Well this is how God made me.
Really? In the Bible it says, “The body is a temple.” Nowhere does it say, “The body is a garbage disposal for whatever crap you choose to stuff down your throat.”

3) Complements of Oprah: I’m not going to worry about being overweight, I’m just going to worry about being healthy.
How does this make any sense at all? We know that every single disease, particularly breast cancer, gets exponentially more likely to occur when you’re fat. You simply can’t be fat and healthy, end of story.

2) I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym and workout in front of people.
Then go to another gym or do home workouts. Do you have a TV that you sit your ass in front of for 12 hours a day? Pick it up and carry it around the house instead.

1) My all time favorite: Well, if I lose weight then someone might go out with me because I’m thin then I can never get out of shape again.
Why, for the love of all that’s decent and good, would you ever want to get out of shape once you invested all that time and effort into getting into shape? Screw what anyone else thinks, get healthy for YOU.


Feature Image by: Adila