Can Vegetarians Use Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite?

Although not a fan of the Vegetarian lifestyle, Kiefer asks and answers the question of Can Vegetarians Use Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite?


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer from with another TubeCast for you.

And this question comes up a lot: Can vegetarians do Carb Back-Loading or Carb Nite? Everybody out there knows I’m not a fan of the vegetarian lifestyle or particularly the vegan lifestyle because it’s just not healthy. There’s a lot of research to show that it causes a lot of health problems, and any longevity effects are purely because the person is chronically calorie-deprived. And there’s other ways to achieve that longevity without wrecking your body in the process.

So Carb Nite – you can potentially do with a vegetarian lifestyle. But you need to include eggs, cheese and fish. Now I know vegetarian doesn’t usually mean that. But in general, most vegetarians – and I think the latest statistic is over 95% of people who call themselves vegetarians – will eat fish, dairy products and eggs.

So if you’re a vegetarian, you can probably get away with Carb Nite. It is not easy. I’ll tell you that right now. It is not easy to do, but it is possible. I’ve seen this a few times with people I’ve been willing to help who were vegetarians. Although like I said, I’m not a fan and I always try to encourage moving away from a vegetarian lifestyle, which has happened a few times in a few cases with Carb Nite. Vegetarians have done it. They’ve seen great results. They felt better than they have in years. And they eventually make the slow transition over to a more omnivorous diet.

So…oh, I guess I should talk about Carb Back-Loading. Carb Back-Loading? I mean, almost forget it. I have yet to see anybody who is successful as a vegetarian or the vegetarian lifestyle are in Carb Back-Loading. There is just really no way to get in the right amount or ratios, the right types of fat, the healthy fats that allow you to recover sufficiently and to increase glycogen stores at a rate that compensates for the hard work that you’re going to put in.

So that’s another tip from and I’ll see you next time.