Does Protein Make You Fat? The Shocking Truth

Kiefer covers the controversial topic of whether or not eating too much protein will make you fat in Does Protein Make You Fat? The Shocking Truth.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer with with another quick tip today.

And this one is about eating too much protein. I’ve seen this plenty of times about eating too much protein and the thought that if you overeat protein, it gets turned directly into fat. And this is absolute nonsense. Even NASM puts this in their training materials for new trainers, and it’s complete bullcrap.

Essentially, the pathways for protein that turn into fat, fatty acids, are so rate-limited, which means there’s just such a tiny, tiny capacity. It just doesn’t happen. And of all the amino acids, there are only two that really have a carbon backbone that are capable of forming a fatty acid. And those happen to be leucine and lysine. It’s very rare and almost impossible. And the metabolic pathways to make it happen actually caused more energy than the fat that results.

So no matter what – eating too much protein will not make you fat. It’s just not possible. Now, that doesn’t mean that eating too much protein without any other nutrient won’t cause an increase in insulin levels which might stop you from burning fat. But it still won’t cause you to put fat on, in those scenarios where you’ve eaten just protein. That’s one reason that high protein diets with very low, any other macro nutrient works so well for weight loss. The body really just can’t store it other than its muscle tissue.

So that’s another tip from and we’ll see you later.