Interview with Kiefer about Carb Backloading

Here’s an interview with Kiefer conducted by Tanner Fox, a Carb Backloading true believer who had a few questions, as well as a nice testimonial about using this protocol himself. The guys just kinda launch into it after an amusing intro conversation, which you’ll catch the tail end of at the beginning of this track.

Topics Covered

This conversation touches on a ton of the curiosities you readers have expressed yourselves. Things like…

  • Would adding protein to your breakfast (instead of skipping it entirely) be an advantage or disadvantage? (0:30)
  • What CAN you eat in the morning, if you take the advice of the Carb Backloading free report? (1:45)
  • What’s the RIGHT AMOUNT OF CARBS? (Hint: it depends…) (3:30)
  • How Kiefer uses his knowledge of science and his honed body awareness to figure out how much and when to eat (4:00)

    “I’m constantly checking myself, how I feel and how I look, for feedback.” –Kiefer

  • How do you know whether you’ve gone overboard with the carbs? (4:45)
  • What are you supposed to eat on NON-TRAINING DAYS? (Hint: it depends…) (5:45)
  • When does a MID-WORKOUT SHAKE make sense? (6:00)
  • How much PROTEIN should you be eating within Carb Backloading? (10:15)
  • How to STRATEGIZE CARB AND PROTEIN INTAKE within a small feeding window. (12:00)

    “Your goal [after a good workout] is to refill your carb stores. Doing that and doing it with the junk…it allows you to burn carbs better the NEXT workout. So if you have to sacrifice some steak and go for a protein shake, I would go for it.” –Kiefer

  • How about FIBER? (18:00)
  • Is there any way to ENHANCE GLUCOSE TRANSPORT? (e.g. Anabolic Pump) (20:30)
  • Why you may not want to eat eggs alone… (23:45)
  • Some new details about the UPCOMING CARB BACKLOADING RELEASE (26:45)
  • First official announcement of KIEFER’S DIET SOFTWARE (28:00)

So, what do you guys think? Still have more questions? (I do!) Keep the comments and questions coming. By the way, this is our first time posting audio with this fancy player. Let us know how it works for you. You can download the original interview mp3 HERE. (~29 MB)