BioJacked TV #33 – Kiefer with special guest Marci Nevin – Q & A

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In this latest installment of BioJacked TV, your source for cutting-edge health and performance news and information, Kiefer and Marci Nevin engage in a wide-ranging Q&A session covering the laws of thermodynamics, the writings of Gary Taubes, the science behind Shockwave’s ELECT sets, and much, much more.

  • Schwartzie16
  • MoK15

    I know that veggies should be out the window during CBL night because of the fact that are low GI. However, if I wanted to make a homemade pizza and load it with spinach, broccoli, that not such a smart thing?

    • TissueMan

      such a silly question. of course it’s fine to have it on a pizza, use your brain dude.

    • truth

      just eat the pizza a few hours before bedtime.

      tHeres a difference between dessert, and pizza. Pizza is not supposed to be dessert.

  • kcarolhxw

    Does Marci know you don’t chew nicotine gum like regular gum?

  • lewis

    Keifer, do you have any links to studies, or any more writings on the point you made re. reaching a level of insulin spike which forces the fat cells to release fat?? would be very interested in reading more about it.

  • Lori

    Kiefer! at about the 26 min mark, what you said about insulin and how low carb diets with no insulin spikes can cause people to GAIN weight happened to me! I am in upper 30s and I went Paleo, low carb diet and gained 10 pounds in just over a month. I read Gary’s book, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain and was on the low carb wagon, and couldn’t figure out why this was happening, as I was NOT eating foods that would spike my insulin… A few people I talked to deduced that I was “eating too many nuts”. At this point, I started working with a personal trainer and now he wants me to eat carbs and 6 meals a day, mostly low fat diet. This is opposite of what I was doing (high fat, low carb) 2 meals a day (sometimes ate a no carb breakfast) + snack. I am confused now!! Do I need to do Carb Nite? I tried to explain Gary’s premise about insulin and as you just said, he too said insulin spikes are necessary. I don’t know what to eat now! When I was eating fat, protein and low carb, I gained weight but eating a low fat, 6 meals a day diet with fruit and oatmeal doesn’t seem ideal to me either. I went from 110 (I wasn’t muscular at all but didn’t have excess fat) to now I’m a flabby mess. It sounds like I just need to read Carb Nite, but any top line suggestions you have is appreciated! Thank you. You rock. I also think after listening to this, I also better understand something you said on a Robb Wolf’s podcast about GI of foods being bullshit. But I agree with Marci when she said “what about those who do not want to eat fruity pebbles”, I too prefer to eat whole foods myself. THANKS!