Jim Wendler on Just Big Radio

Vincent Dizenzo brings us an interview from the Just Big Radio archives, their first show with special guest Jim “5/3/1” Wendler, creator of the famous 5-3-1 program for building strength. 

You can download the complete MP3 here (about 20MB).

Just Big Radio will be continuing to publish shows here as we make a transition to our upcoming (and as of now) newly-announced DangerouslyHardcore.fm website, which will bring you diet and fitness-related information from Just Big Radio and many other personalities and educators in several different channels.  Look for its release in mid-March of this year.

Interview Play-by-PlayWendler 5/3/1 cover

  • 1:10 Drew calls in to kiss our a$$ 
  • 3:10 The birth of Rhodestown, a place to get big
  • 5:30 Rhodestown rules
  • 6:00 Sweating for no reason
  • 8:05 Rhodes’ eating woes
  • 11:30 Jim Wendler phones in to Just Big
  • 13:40 Bloated Jim and why he got big
  • 19:00 The journey to getting big and 5/3/1
  • 20:30 The Beavis and Butthead effect
  • 25:10 Monster and shots
  • 25:45 Jim speaks on hill sprints
  • 27:20 It takes no talent to be in shape
  • 29:00 Talking music with Jim
  • 34:00 Mr. Wendler’s favorite big time lifts
  • 38:30 Short but awesome Louie Simmons story
  • 40:00 Calling out the bull$hit
  • 40:40 Jim Wendler is Buck Angel
  • 41:45 Talking about books