Does Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky?

Does lifting weights make women bulky or can it give them a perfect body shape? In this video Kiefer explains why women won’t get the sexy body they’re looking for by running and gives 5 reasons why to resistance train instead.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer from with another Tubecast for you today.

This time it’s – ‘Reasons Why Women Should Resistance Train’. I see this post all over the web and usually it’s just the same thing written over and over again. It’s really not all that instructive. There’s some really good, important reasons that will benefit you the rest of your life as to why you should train.

The first is Bone Density. The density of the bones is directly and only correlated with how strong your muscles are. Not how big, how strong. It doesn’t have to be with calcium supplements, it doesn’t have to do with impact aerobics. It’s how strong your muscles are. So it’s really important to have strong muscles than you have strong bones your whole life and you don’t have to worry about osteoporosis or any of those things or the made up diseases like osteopenia.

Second is that women have a really hard time burning glycogen stores. This is even especially during aerobic training, that threshold, unlike men – women will not burn their glycogen stores when they exercise. You’ve got to push yourself into glycolytic states. You can do that very easily with resistance training.

Now I’m talking like heavy resistance training. Heavy resistance training makes you strong, makes your bones stronger and burns through your glycogen stores – which means that more of the carbs you eat will get stored as a glycogen instead of fat.
Another really important reason to resistance training is Glute4 Stimulation. Your muscles need to be stimulated so they can absorb most of those carbs that you eat. If you resistance train, you actually up regulate special proteins that allow your muscle cells to store the carbs instead of your fat cells. So the huge huge huge advantage in their finding this research, even in sedentary people. So this is really important. Another really important reason to resistance training if you’re a woman.

Also, resistance training will amplify your metabolism unlike a condition that’s known as low T3 Syndrome. This is in the research. Women who run or do that kind of aerobic level activity for great periods of time – and that’s over thirty minutes. They suffer a chronic suppression of thyroid hormone. And this is a hormone that makes you burn calories. So actually, by running you lower your ability to burn calories. Your body becomes more efficient. It’s like driving your car in the interstate. You get better gas mile which means more of the food that you eat will be stored as fat. So running is a destroyer. Resistance training makes you leaner and less efficient which means you burn more calories.

And then finally, what I feel is one of the most important reasons is the shape of your body. Everybody wants to look good naked and you’re just not going to do it if you’re a runner or you’re doing cardio. It’s going to happen if you’re a resistance trainer. You’re not going to look like the female body builders. I can tell you right now – they either have some sort of genetic freak or there are massive amounts of male hormones that’s why they look like men. No mystery there. It’s why it sounds like they gargle with broken glass. They’re on male hormones. If you’re not on male hormones, you’re just going to look like this instead. A nice shapely tone firm body that you will love to see in the mirror every morning. Instead of this which is woman on hormones or particularly this female runner that’s just deflated, emaciated and saggy.

So, as your another set of tips from – very good reasons why women, in particular, should be resistance training. So, I hope everybody finds this useful and it helps get everybody in the gym. Alright, this is Kiefer from with another Tubecast.