Fat Intake on Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite


Kiefer covers how to properly distribute your carbs and fat throughout your evening to get the maximum effect in this video about Fat Intake on Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite.


Transcribed Version:

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer from DangerouslyHardcore.com with another TubeCast for you.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to stage your carbs through the evening to get maximum benefit out of the plans. So whether you are doing Carb Nite or Carb-Backloading, the best way to distribute your carbs and fat at night when you do your Back-Loads or you do your Carb-Nites is to try to start low-fat. This is ideal if you’re really trying to lose body weight and spark muscle stimulation. And even if you’re trying to lose body fat, you want to spark muscle stimulation because this tells your body to hold on to all your muscle tissue and to get rid of the body fat.

So it’s very simple. What you want to do is you want to keep the first half of your Carb Nites or Back-Loads ‘clean’. You want to go for lower fat foods. So maybe some leaner cuts of beef, white rice, white potatoes. Actually even – this is a good time to use treats because you can find a lot of ‘treats’ that are low in fat. One in particular that a lot of people like is fruity pebbles. It’s gluten free so it works great on all kinds of diets – gives you a good insulin spike.

And then right before bed, it really doesn’t matter what combination you eat. That’s a good time to go ahead and eat pizza and pasta or ice cream. The fat there will be the insulin spike and the blood sugar will be back low again. So that as the evening goes on, by the time the fat releases into your system, those things are down  and your body can happily burn all the fat that you ingested or, you know… it will burn it mostly because your metabolism is high.

If you want absolute fat-burning though, you want to try to keep that fat load a little bit lower so that your body can tap it into your body fat stores through the evening.

Alright, that’s another tip from DangerouslyHardcore.com.